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Securely segment user and group access with ActiveBatch's multi-tenant architecture capabilities.

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ActiveBatch's powerful Job Scheduler system is an ideal solution for Centralized Job Scheduling to be shared and segmented by department or group of users having private access to only their ActiveBatch objects. Users using the "centralized" ActiveBatch Job Scheduler will have no access to see or modify any of the objects in another ActiveBatch "published scheduling share".

ActiveBatch's unique Object orientation allows one or more work flows and all of their associated objects (jobs, plans, schedules, calendars, user accounts, systems, alerts, resources) to be categorized into a unified "published scheduling share" that can be isolated from other users, groups, or departments or incorporated into other departments or structures based on your organizational requirements.

ActiveBatch fully utilizes the Microsoft Security Mode (Including Kerberos), Active Directory or ADAM so each "scheduler" implementation can be made visible or transparent to other users or departments. Permissions can be set by user, group, or other established unit on a granular basis.

The implementation of the "Virtual Root" scheduler capability, available only in ActiveBatch, provides all the capabilities that are integral to the ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduling system, while privately sharing with other departments.

The "Virtual Root" allows for the most effective, secure and affordable solution for small and large organizations, ASP's or incorporated into other enterprise applications that require robust automation.


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