z/OS Workload Automation

Centrally manage z/OS  scheduling with prebuilt Job Steps to simplify cross-platform execution

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IBM z/OS Automation

ActiveBatch Workload Automation supports the submission of JCL Job streams for execution on IBM's z/OS platform. The z/OS Job Step submits the JCL file directly to the JES internal reader on the mainframe. The output from the mainframe Job is captured and returned to the ActiveBatch Job's log file. The information in the log file can be passed as data to any downstream Jobs or Plans.

ActiveBatch support for the z/OS platform is Agentless and, as such, does not require the installation of software on the mainframe to ensure proper Job execution. The z/OS Job Step is part of the Integrated Jobs Library and allows for these Jobs to be integrated with other Job Steps, Jobs and Plans across platforms into end-to-end workflows. ActiveBatch mainframe Jobs can initiate and be initiated by the completion of other workflows on different platforms as well as by the events.

The z/OS Job Step supports the use of Variables and other important capabilities provided by the ActiveBatch Job Scheduler.

ActiveBatch supports a wide variety of platforms, in addition to z/OS, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM iSeries, HP NSK, OpenVMS, Mac OS and more.

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