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XLNT - Advanced Scripting

XLNT's unique and powerful commands, coupled with extensive remote access capabilities, eliminate unnecessary script statements and simplifies scriipting tasks. 

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XLNT®, Product Pricing-Advanced Scripting

XLNT Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of XLNT provides the Enterprise Scripting and Command Language facilities that Administrators and Application Developers have come to count on to perform their tasks. The Standard Editions provide powerful commands, along with built in functions, as well as our traditional scripting of command procedures. The Standard Edition provides another cost-effective price point for small business or specific script deployments. Please note that all XLNT Product Editions come standard with ActiveBatch client-side command line support.

XLNT Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is intended for the Administrative or Application Development scriptwriter to provide a faster, easier method for script creation. The Professional Edition is the only XLNT version that contains an Interactive Development Environment and Debugging facility. The Professional Edition also provides capabilities to encode client-side scripts into executable images. This capability addresses both script security considerations as well as script procedure sensitivity. Client-side encoded scripts are deployed across the Enterprise using the Run-Time License Edition described below.

XLNT Run-Time License Edition

The Run-Time License Edition is intended for cost-effective deployment of XLNT technology across your Enterprise. This product edition offers the user the ability to deploy client- side encoded scripts across an unlimited number of Windows systems within your organization. The Run-Time License Edition is a companion product of the XLNT Professional Edition as only the scripts produced by the Professional can be executed.

All versions of XLNT run natively on both 32- and 64-bit processors.

XLNT Evaluation

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XLNT Pricing


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List Price

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Version Upgrades

1 License
Standard Edition $349 $63 $558 Contact Sales or your Account Manager, available in My ASCI, for details
Professional Edition $795 $143 $638 Contact Sales or your Account Manager, available in My ASCI, for details
Run-Time Edition $2,495 $449 $944 Contact Sales or your Account Manager, available in My ASCI, for details


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