Is IT Moving Slower Than the Business?

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About This White Paper

Most organizations have multiple automation tools in place, and with the ever-expanding array of software and technologies most businesses use today, managing these different tools is complicated. IT is held back by disjoined automation frameworks that are brittle and unyielding to change.

What is needed is an automation solution, but most automation solutions rely heavily on custom script generation and manual maintenance, only adding to the complexity.
ActiveBatch ResourceBuild and Automate Reliable End-to-End Workflows in Half the Time
  • Cut management and system maintenance time using Reference Jobs and Plans. Be better prepared for changing business and IT requirements.
  • Remove IT complexity with a single point of control for managing disparate technologies and bridging the gaps between them by orchestrating workflows.
  • Reduce the time and costs that developers spend researching, coding, and testing the logic of custom scripts.