Everything You Need To Know About Workload Automation

Watch the webinar to learn more about ActiveBatch features, use cases and Customer Success services

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About This Video

What should you look for when evaluating workload automation solutions? WLA solutions provide a variety of capabilities while vendors offer a range of services that can make or break your IT automation initiative, depending on your organization’s needs.

Join our team of product and Customer Success experts as they discuss use cases, capabilities and vendor services to look for when choosing a WLA solution.
ActiveBatch ResourceEverything You Need To Know About Workload Automation
During this webinar, you will:
  • Learn about the top uses for workload automation in your organization

  • See why onboarding is the real make-or-break for your initiative

  • Learn how to deliver a successful migration

  • Get a demo of ActiveBatch and its key features, including the Super REST API Adapter