Built-In Schedulers and PMCMD Limit Informatica PowerCenter and Cloud Users

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About This White Paper

Understand how Informatica PowerCenter & Cloud users can transform their ETL and data warehousing automation. This white paper will discuss:
  • The pros and cons of 3 traditional approaches to ETL scheduling and automation
  • Why a unified IT automation solution is the most comprehensive, advanced way to schedule and automate Informatica ETL workflows and tasks, as well as achieve seamless end-to-end automation
  • The 11 criteria any Informatica PowerCenter or Informatica Cloud user must consider when selecting the right IT Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling solution
ActiveBatch ResourceTransforming Informatica Automation: The Case for a Unified IT Automation Solution
“Advanced Systems Concepts, long-time Informatica Partner and maker of ActiveBatch IT Automation, offers Informatica PowerCenter and Cloud users a simplified and powerful approach to automating their workflows and tasks. The result is a streamlined, reliable integration that is unparalleled in ease of use.” 
- Ronen Schwartz, Senior VP & GM, Data Integration & Cloud Integration, Informatica