Are You Facing SQL Server and SSIS Automation Limitations?

Get Expand the Power of SQL Server ‚Äčto see how an IT team cut batch times by 55%

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About This White Paper

Gain operational advantages with your SQL Server processes and have end-to-end visibility and control of automation throughout the enterprise.

Simplifying SQL Server Integrations
  • Use prebuilt building blocks to quickly and easily assemble workflows that incorporate and integrate SQL Server processes with other SQL Server Processes as well as non-SQL Server functions.
ActiveBatch ResourceExpand the Power of SQL Server Through Intelligent IT Automation

Enhancing Your SQL Server Scheduling and Automation

  • With improved alerting and monitoring, users are notified when problems occur and directed to the specific workflow component in which the failure occurred.
  • With capabilities such as References and Variables, users can save time and simplify management throughout the entire IT environment.

Cutting Batch Times and Improving Success Rates

  • Read how two major enterprises used intelligent automation to improve their SQL Server Scheduling.