Don’t Let The Wrong Workload Automation Solution Hamper Your IT Goals

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About This eBook

Today’s WLA market includes a variety of vendors big and small, offering products that can either accelerate your automation strategy or hold you back.

The relationship between you and your vendor is critical. Working with the wrong vendor and product can mean you’re forced to implement another solution in a few years, costing your team precious time and resources while slowing down your ability to achieve your larger automation initiatives.

More than just features and capabilities, the support, resources and product investment of the vendor plays a critical role in your buying decision.
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Workload Automation Buyer's Guide: Why The Right Tool Is About More Than Features

Learn more about assessing workload automation vendors, including:
  • Using a product roadmap to determine a product’s long-term viability
  • How a vendor’s history can be a good indicator of reliability and innovation
  • Why customer success teams can be key to high ROI and expanding your use cases