Is ActiveBatch on Your Radar for Your Workload Automation Requirements?

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About This Report

According to Dan Twing, President & COO of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and lead analyst for the study:

"ActiveBatch by Redwood is once again a Value Leader. ActiveBatch offers a user-friendly workload automation (WLA) platform that enables effortless automation of business and IT processes. It requires no coding or development skills, providing ready-to-use connectors, Windows support, a super REST adapter, and prebuilt actions.."
ActiveBatch ResourceEMA Radar™ Report for Workload Automation and Orchestration 2023

In this independent analyst evaluation of the Workload Automation marketplace, see how ActiveBatch stacks up in 5 different dimensions:

  • Functionality
  • Architecture & Integration
  • Deployment & Administration
  • Cost
  • Vendor Strength