Happy 10th Anniversary, PowerShell!

PowerShell, the popular scripting language for automating Windows applications, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a live-streamed, worldwide event.

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Improving the value of PowerShell scripts with workload automation

Happy 10th Birthday, PowerShell! 

PowerShell is celebrating its 10th anniversary today with a live-streamed, worldwide, all-day event.  PowerShell is the de-facto standard scripting language for the automation and administration of Windows applications and systems. ActiveBatch IT Automation and PowerShell are a powerful duo. ActiveBatch offers object-level integrated support for PowerShell, providing users with improved integration and execution of PowerShell scripts and improved productivity for developers and for the IT organization as a whole.

Be sure to check out PowerShell’s day long anniversary event on November 14th! Learn more about the event here!

To read more about ActiveBatch IT Automation and PowerShell, read our new White Paper! 

Improve the value of PowerShell scripts with universal workload automation and enterprise job scheduling software

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