Digital Business Success Through IT Automation

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Dan Twing, President & COO of leading analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Ben Rosenberg, President of Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), sat down for a live webinar that will change how you think about digital business and automation. For most organizations, successful digitalization is a critical priority. If a smooth digital transformation and digital business success are goals for your organization, 3 Essential Keys to Redefining IT Automation for Digital Business Success is one webinar you can’t afford to miss.

Join Dan Twing and Ben Rosenberg as they discuss:

     -How status quo operations will hold you back
     -The perceived and actual role of automation in the organization
     -The benefits of an intelligent IT automation strategy
     -The power of predictive analytics
     -Why automation is at the core of digital business success

This live webinar has passed, but the full webinar replay is available here for anyone who may have missed it:

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