Writing Scripts: How Long Should It Really Take?

Focus on the function of workflows, not the coding behind them, to achieve greater IT agility and increase efficiency, productivity, & reliability.

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Reduce the Need for New Scripts

How many hours of the day do you spend coding? Most IT programmers or developers will say that it varies. For someone in this type of role, the days become unpredictable—the amount of time needed to research, write, test, and document new code is difficult to predict. While the writing part isn’t always extremely time consuming, the researching, testing, and documentation phases of coding can extend the lifetime of the task at hand tenfold. It’s no secret that there’s a skills gap facing IT, so when these time-consuming processes occupy limited IT resources, there is no one available to perform the other repetitive, but necessary, IT tasks. What many IT teams are beginning to learn is that an IT Automation solution can eliminate, almost completely, the time-consuming elements that come along with coding.

What IT programmers and developers need is a way to focus on the function of their workflows, not the coding behind them. If IT could focus on the logic of the workflows they are building, rather than focusing on writing, testing, documenting, and implementing code, the time spent building IT workflows could be cut in half. Building and maintaining reliable workflows to automate processes without coding sounds unattainable, but the right IT Automation solution can help developers do just that.

The right set of capabilities can not only allow you to focus on the function of your workflows, but increase IT efficiency, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce the amount of necessary coding. These capabilities are things like:

  • Prebuilt, self-documenting, Job Steps
  • API Jobs
  • Variable support
  • Revision History
  • And more…

This new guide will introduce and explain the ways that an IT Automation solution can allow IT to focus on function, not coding, to build and automate their workflows faster and more reliably. The guide will also explain how the right automation solution can provide script language independence, allow you to enhance and protect your existing and future scripts, and build workflows upstream and downstream from these scripts. This means you don’t have to give up coding if you don’t want to.

Building and automating IT workflows should not take hours because of the time it takes to code. Download this guide to take the first step towards your digital transformation by learning how to focus on function, not coding:

Get the Focus on Function Guide

Caroline Boyland was a contributor to IT Automation Without Boundaries, covering workload automation, data center automation, cloud management, and more.