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Task Scheduler Automation

Create end-to-end workflows between Windows Task Scheduler and other applications using ActiveBatch's pre-built Job Steps. 


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Simplify Job Scheduling Across Windows and non-Windows Systems
Windows Task Scheduler jobs are limited in their scheduling capabilities and do not provide the ability to be incorporated into end-to-end workflows across servers running various operating systems. 
ActiveBatch Job Scheduling supports the integration of Windows Task Scheduler jobs into complex workflows spanning Windows and non-Windows systems.

With ActiveBatch's Integrated Jobs Library, Task Scheduler jobs can be sequenced and triggered by other jobs from Windows as well as non-Windows systems like Linux and UNIX, without the need for custom scripting. Task Scheduler jobs can be managed via the Integrated Jobs Library by dragging the Task Scheduler Job Step into the graphical workflow designer and completing a few dialog boxes identifying the target machine where the Task Scheduler job is located, selecting the job from a drop down list, supplying proper credentials, and then incorporating additional jobs steps such as applications, web services, database functions, and more from within the Integrated Jobs Library.

Users can incorporate the comprehensive automation capabilities of ActiveBatch including event-driven scheduling and advanced alerting and monitoring into Windows Task Scheduler jobs. With ActiveBatch, users can trigger Task Scheduler jobs via a wide range of events including: 

  • File Triggers
  • Emails
  • Web Services
  • Microsoft Message Queue
  • WMI Events
  • System Startup
  • VMware Events
  • Oracle Database Triggers

Advanced Systems Concepts Professional Services Group also provides migrations for Windows Task Scheduler jobs into ActiveBatch jobs.


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