ROI of Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Software (Webinar)

Determining the real ROI and true costs of workload automation and job scheduling has been a challenge, learn how with Forrester’s TEI study.

Written by Kaitlin Olcott. Last Updated:
Workload automation ROI

If you’re a regular reader of the IT Automation Blog, you’ve heard us talk numerous times about the benefits and cost savings of automation. From saving more than 20 hours a week on billing processes to streamlining onboarding processes, organizations are relying heavily on automation and job scheduling software to improve IT agility and reduce the burden of time-consuming manual work.

Yet determining the real ROI and true costs of workload automation has been a challenge for many organizations … until now.

We’re excited to share that Advanced Systems Concepts commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study in order to examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying ActiveBatch Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Software.

So what exactly does this mean, you ask.

Watch the replay of our webinar, Understanding the ROI of Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Software, and find out!

During this 3-part webinar, Forrester VP & Principal Analyst, Jean-Pierre Garbani, provides an overview of the workload automation market and the key industry trends shaping its future. Senior Forrester TEI Consultant Reggie Lau shares the results of the Total Economic Impact Study on ActiveBatch, and ASCI’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Jim Manias, concludes the webinar with a short overview of ActiveBatch and a demo.