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Focus on the function, rather than the coding of workflows using hundreds of production-ready Job Steps and an intuitive graphical development environment.

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Workflow Development Simplified

Writing a script for every process, application, or integration that needs to be automated isn’t possible anymore. There are too many technologies, shifting dependencies, and not enough time or resources. 

With legacy job schedulers or homegrown solutions, when a process needs to be automated, oftentimes it requires writing a script. When a developer must write a script, it usually involves researching how it can be built, writing the script, and then testing the script before it can go into production. When an update or change occurs, locating, maintaining, and updating those scripts is time-consuming.

ActiveBatch shifts the focus from coding to function, giving Job authors and developers the ability to build end-to-end workflows in less than half the time, allowing them to make progress on mission-critical projects and company priorities. ActiveBatch simplifies workflow development with prebuilt, pretested, production-ready Job Steps that eliminate the time spent researching, writing, and testing scripts. 

ActiveBatch Provides:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface with a drag-and-drop workflow designer.
  • Flexible, real-time graphical view of all workflows and Object relationships.
  • Hundreds of production-ready Job Steps with built-in, pretested logic.
  • Dozens of integrations and extensions for key technologies like SAP, Informatica, Oracle, Microsoft, and more.
  • Full API accessibility with support for REST and SOAP Web Services, Stored Procedures, .NET Assemblies, Command Lines, and more, for virtually limitless integration.
  • Self-documenting capabilities with full Audit & Revision History.
  • Reference functionality that supports reuse of template logic for easier maintainability.
  • Actionable insights on Job Instances as well as on Job Templates, Objects, and others properties with customizable reporting capabilities.
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Build & Automate Reliable Workflows in Half the Time

Most automation solutions rely heavily on custom script generation and manual maintenance, resulting in more complexity. Learn how you can start building and automating workflows in half the time with ActiveBatch!
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Reuse Rather Than Rewrite

Using References, users can create a Template Job or Plan with additional Reference Jobs or Plans that point back to the Template, so that whenever a change needs to be made, the user simply needs to update the Template which will automatically pass down the changes to the References. This removes the need for cut-and-paste and improves overall maintainability. 

Check-Out | Check-In

With ActiveBatch Check-Out | Check-In functionality, multiple developers can simultaneously work on the same Object or Objects for faster development and resolve any changes with ActiveBatch’s built-in conflict resolution tool.

Self-Documentation For Every Object And Workflow

Relying on custom scripting often means there is limited workflow development standards or documentation in place. Each developer has his or her own style, and there is often little visibility into that developer’s logic. All Objects and workflows in ActiveBatch are self-documenting and provide a full audit and revision trail as well as policies requiring authorization before changes can be made.

Script Management To Protect Your Script Investment

For organizations that have a large base of existing scripts or prefer scripting, ActiveBatch provides script lifecycle management capabilities so users can protect their script investment with tools for script vaulting, version control, and revision rollback. ActiveBatch is script-language independent and supports all scripting languages including PowerShell, VBScript, PERL, XLNT, and more.

Additionally, ActiveBatch’s script editor offers the ability to edit scripts in the GUI and trigger them from within the editor to see the results live. The script editor also features color-syntax highlighting based on the script extension entered as well as a find/replace feature and variable auto-completion.

"We were able to quickly prototype and implement different workflows utilizing many of the Job Steps that are available out of the box with minimal coding and development."
- Product Architect, Services Industry

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