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Build & Automate in Half the Time

Focus on the function, not the coding with hundreds of production-ready Job Steps and an intuitive graphical development environment.

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The Key to Efficiency: Automation
Writing a script or lines of code for every business process or application you need to automate just isn’t possible anymore. There are too many applications, shifting dependencies, and simply not enough time or resources. 

The key idea is if it can be automated, it should be automated. 

By focusing on function, not coding, ActiveBatch helps developers build and automate end-to-end workflows in less than half the time. They can leverage the extra time to make progress on long-term projects and company priorities.

ActiveBatch provides:

Ease of Use in Workflow Development and Management
With legacy job schedulers or homegrown solutions, when a process needs to be automated, a developer must write a script, which involves researching how it can be built, writing the script, and then testing it before it can go into production. Even after the script is in production, oftentimes, the process will change or a new technology will be introduced, requiring that developer or another developer to update the script.

With a modern workload automation solution like ActiveBatch, you can simplify workflow development with pre-built Job Steps with the logic already built in, eliminating the time spent researching, writing, and testing scripts. As a result, developers can easily assemble complex workflows and reuse rather than rewrite. Additionally, using References, users can create a “Master Template” job or plan with additional “Reference” jobs or plans that point back to the Master so that whenever a change needs to be made, the user simply needs to update the Master, removing the need for cut & paste and improving overall maintainability. 

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With ActiveBatch’s Check Out | Check In, multiple developers can simultaneously work on the same object or objects for faster development, and resolve any changes with ActiveBatch’s built-in conflict resolution tool.

Integrated Jobs Library
Self-Documentation for Every Object and Workflow
Relying on custom scripting often means there is limited workflow development standards or documentation in place. Each developer has his or her own style and if a developer leaves, there’s little to no visibility into that developer’s logic, making it harder on the next developer who takes on the work. All objects and workflows in ActiveBatch are self-documenting through the power of reusable Job Steps that contain a full audit & revision trail and policies requiring authorization before changes can be made.

Lifecycle Management
Script Lifecycle Management to Protect Your Script Investment
For organizations that have a large base of existing scripts or prefer scripting, ActiveBatch provides script lifecycle management capabilities so users can protect their script investment with tools like vaulting / version control and revision rollback. ActiveBatch is script-language independent, and therefore supports any and all scripting languages including PowerShell, VBScript, PERL, XLNT, and more.

Additionally, ActiveBatch’s script editor offers the ability to edit scripts in the GUI and trigger them from within the editor to see the results live. The script editor also features color syntax highlighting based on the script extension entered as well as find/replace and variable auto-completion.