Ecount Achieves Scalability and Reliability, Drives Growth with ActiveBatch

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

Ecount was quickly growing, leading to its eventual purchase by Citigroup. In order to maintain this growth, Ecount needed more than the rudimentary batch scheduler the IT team relied on for managing, executing, and auditing its data operations.


Ecount Succeeds with ActiveBatch

Ecount coordinates multiple business processes using ActiveBatch's event triggers to execute jobs based on file events and data states, without the need for coding.

In-depth reporting, auditing, and centralized logging enable the IT team to review all jobs and instances, making it easy to discover new process efficiencies.

The IT team is able to ensure its service levels using out-of-the-box capabilities including workload balancing, SLA monitoring, and checkpoint restarts.

IT team members receive customizable alerts via email and SMS whenever an alert condition is reached, accelerating resolution times and improving service levels.

By leveraging ActiveBatch's powerful out-of-the-box tools, the IT team has drastically improved its operational reliability, enabling Ecount to continue expanding.

By The Numbers



ActiveBatch includes over 500 prebuilt Job Steps for reliable, end-to-end workflows that incorporate processes from a variety of systems and applications.


With 100s of production-ready Job Steps, native integrations, and advanced scheduling tools, IT can build end-to-end workflows in half the time.

In Their Own Words

“ActiveBatch is a very sophisticated platform that, remarkably, is also easy to use. It really helps us keep up with the pace of our business.”

“ActiveBatch’s solid run book, auditing, and logging capabilities allow us to review our jobs and look for possible new efficiencies.”

“ActiveBatch assures our service levels through multiple high availability techniques. It automatically identifies servers or other resources —even ones that have been recently added. It offers checkpoint restarts and built-in workload balancing, plus its well-organized user interface allows us to monitor and maintain our whole system easily.”

“We’ve thrown a lot at ActiveBatch over time, and it has always responded for us. There’s no question it will make our list of keepers.”

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