How RelayHealth Succeeds with ActiveBatch

  • With ActiveBatch (which is script language-independent), RelayHealth turned its existing scripts into reusable job steps, using ActiveBatch’s script vaulting and lifecycle management capabilities to protect those scripts.
  • The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library provides hundreds of prebuilt job steps, allowing RelayHealth to assemble reliable FTP workflows that include encryption and decryption.
  • ActiveBatch has provided RelayHealth with a permissions-based security framework that limits the risk of unauthorized changes to each and every object in ActiveBatch.
  • For data and recovery backup, RelayHealth has leveraged ActiveBatch’s Non-Cluster Failover for its primary datacenter in the southeast United States.
  • By improving the success rate of their jobs and reducing the amount of time spent manually managing workloads, the IT organization has been able to expand their operations without having to hire additional personnel.