How SBA Communications Succeeds with ActiveBatch

  • ActiveBatch offers multiple system views that enable SBA to view historical, current, and scheduled jobs, with the ability to drill down into specific instances to view log files and to quickly determine the root cause of job failures, accelerating its time-to-resolution.
  • The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library provides prebuilt job steps including Secure FTP, OpenPGP, data encryption, and hundreds more, allowing SBA to build end-to-end workflows across disparate platforms, schedulers, and technologies.
  • SBA turned its pre-existing scripts into reusable job steps within ActiveBatch, where lifecycle management tools such as Revision History, Change Management, and script vaulting allow SBA to protect and seamlessly incorporate its scripts into new workflows.
  • SBA has expanded its use of ActiveBatch to include the developer team, which uses ActiveBatch to help manage a broad portfolio of Microsoft and in-house applications and systems.