XTRA Lease Orchestrates Data Processes Across Disparate Systems

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

XTRA Lease, one of the largest semi-trailer rental businesses in North America, had a fragmented IT environment that made it difficult to monitor and manage workloads, causing job failures to go unnoticed and impacting customers.

“We had no way to centrally monitor the multitude of batch jobs we were running. We had no master job schedule, no idea when certain jobs were running, when jobs failed, etcetera. We were relying on internal people or customers raising a red flag when the data didn’t look right because a job had failed the night before.”

XTRA uses ActiveBatch to orchestrate workflows between heterogeneous business applications, including a truck-rental system, Microsoft BI solutions, and PeopleSoft, managing and monitoring end-to-end workflows from a single window.

By The Numbers


XTRA Lease uses ActiveBatch to run 1.3 million jobs per year while maintaining a 99.1% success rate.


With over 80,000 trucks on the road, XTRA relies on ActiveBatch to manage the data that keeps its fleet rolling.

XTRA Lease Succeeds with ActiveBatch

  • XTRA is able to pass accounts payable information, invoicing data, and asset management information between jobs and workflows in ActiveBatch, allowing IT to keep its systems up-to-date and synchronized.
  • ActiveBatch’s Daily Activity View allows IT to monitor jobs in real-time as they run throughout the day, while ActiveBatch Alerts provide email notifications when job failures occur, enabling IT to proactively avoid issues and to quickly troubleshoot jobs.
  • XTRA has automated the maintenance and insurance reports it sends to customers, using ActiveBatch to pull information from its databases, create PDF files, and email insurance and maintenance information to customers, enabling XTRA to provide superior service.

In Their Own Words

“With ActiveBatch, we run a workflow that ensures that the data at Qualcomm and the data in our transaction system matches up. This workflow goes out, compares the data, makes any necessary connections, and then pushes this information to our website. It ensures that our customers have access to the correct trailer information.”

“We now know what jobs run, on which machine they run, and when they run. Most importantly, when something does fail, we know when and why and can resolve the issue before our customers discover it.”

“We selected ActiveBatch for its rich functionality, its cross-platform capabilities and integration points. The value ActiveBatch offered made the investment an easy one.”

“By automating these processes via ActiveBatch, it allows XTRA Lease to provide better customer service and help streamline operations throughout our branches.”

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