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Core Capabilities

Learn about the core capabilities that make ActiveBatch the most advanced IT automation and job scheduling solution on the market. From a dynamic event-driven architecture to comprehensive reporting and analytics, ActiveBatch is an all-in-one automation platform that is fully customizable to your organization’s needs.

Architecture IconActiveBatch Architecture
ActiveBatch provides a central point of control that simplifies and manages the integration of applications, databases, and technologies across the enterprise. ActiveBatch's flexible and scalable framework allows organizations to customize their ActiveBatch implementation to suit the needs of their unique IT environment. 

Views IconViews

ActiveBatch features a wide range of views for both IT and business users. Developers and Operations benefit from a variety of different views that help improve time to insight and more easily identify and analyze data based on functional area and role.

Workflow Icon Workflow Management
ActiveBatch helps developers build and automate end-to-end workflows in less than half the time with advanced workflow development and management capabilities. ActiveBatch offers an easy-to-use interface with a drag & drop workflow designer that allows organizations to focus on the function, rather than the coding. 

Event Automation Icon Event Automation & Job Scheduling
ActiveBatch’s rich, event-driven architecture supports an array of event types including email, file events, message queues, database modifications, tweets, and more. As a result, workflows can be designed to ensure that processes are initiated when specific business or IT events occur, preventing delays or other stoppages from happening. Additionally, ActiveBatch’s date and time scheduling provides pattern and non-pattern based scheduling of jobs and plans, giving users maximum scheduling flexibility.

Alerting Icon Alerting & Monitoring
ActiveBatch’s powerful alerting system supports over 30 different alerts and alert objects that are used to notify users and operations when a specified condition has been raised within a workflow. Each alert is deliverable using 12 different delivery methods that include email, JMS, Microsoft Message Queues, SMS text, Twitter, SNMP, Office Communicator, and more. ActiveBatch also offers comprehensive support for monitoring SLAs and other business critical processes via different views, the ActiveBatch Dashboard, and support for third-party monitoring solutions

Security Icon Security
ActiveBatch provides a secure automation environment to better protect users from potential breaches and unauthorized changes to objects. ActiveBatch fully utilizes the Windows security model including Kerberos, allowing an organization to make full use of their existing accounts and groups. ActiveBatch integrates with Active Directory so organizations can use an established approach to authentication without having to retrain staff on new approaches used by other solutions. ActiveBatch also provides an additional layer of security by supporting both SSL and TLS secured connections between the ActiveBatch Job Scheduler and Execution Agents. 

Audting Icon Auditing for Compliance & Control
ActiveBatch offers full support for audit and policies, improving policy-driven governance and security throughout the IT environment. When any ActiveBatch object is "actioned", ActiveBatch records and stores these changes along with the object ID, name, date & time, the specific action, and the user generating the actions. The audits can be filtered, printed, and reported to comply with internal or external requirements. Furthermore, using policies, organizations can create customizable fields requiring users to enter an ID or description before making a change to an object. 

MFT Icon Managed File Transfer
ActiveBatch brings together the security, reliability, and performance of traditional file transfer tools with the advanced automation capabilities and end-to-end integration of an industry-leading IT Automation solution. The results are more predictable, dependable workflows and extended visibility and control over MFT and related processes.

Reporting Icon Reporting & Analytics
ActiveBatch offers a variety of reporting capabilities to enable organizations to deliver information to end users quickly and in multiple formats for improved decision making. ActiveBatch supports both a transactional and OLAP database for improved reporting in a variety of formats. ActiveBatch also provides additional built-in reports which users can filter information from in order to better understand workload performance tied to SLAs and job execution.

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