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Enjoy multi-dimensional data access for improved decision making with ActiveBatch.


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"ActiveBatch is reliable and accessible … we can give anyone in the business the ability to manage, view, trigger, and create their own jobs. Giving this power to the business allows the IT department to focus more time on other business needs."

-- Jason Van Pee, Database Administrator, Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

Custom Reporting for End Users and IT
ActiveBatch supports a variety of reporting capabilities that help organizations deliver information to end users and IT quickly and reliably for improved decision making. As a result, organizations can reduce time spent manually creating custom reports, as well as better understand performance and identify potential processing bottlenecks before they occur.

ActiveBatch Reporting leverages both a transactional and OLAP database, either SQL Server or Oracle, for improved multi-dimensional reporting that supports a variety of formats. An OLAP cube and series of built-in reports are included with ActiveBatch to report on data in both list and graphical form. Additionally, users can leverage SQL Server Reporting Services as well as COM to create custom reports.

Built-in Reports for Service Level Agreements
ActiveBatch also provides a series of additional built-in reports to provide analysis on the performance of workflows tied to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), allowing users to pull real-time data from ActiveBatch and report on it to better manage workflow processing in accordance with business policies. Reports include SLA batch runs for a specified timeframe, average run times of SLA batches, wait times of SLA batches, and a report for distribution of SLA statuses over a given timeframe. Additionally, the Analysis Dashboard provides users with a graphical display of their Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) including up-to-date information on the execution, completion, and overall performance of workflows. 

Highly Customizeable Dashboard for Developers and Operations
ActiveBatch’s stand-alone Dashboard provides a dynamic visualization of the health and performance of the entire ActiveBatch system. Using the Dashboard, both Developers and Operations can create multiple custom views and easily toggle between views to compare data. The ActiveBatch Dashboard also supports a variety of graphing elements, providing users with visuals of executing jobs, waiting jobs, success rates, failure rates, SLA workflows, and more.

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