Simulation Mode

See exactly how workflows will execute, without having to run the job's payload.

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Quickly Identify and Resolve Logic Issues

ActiveBatch’s Simulation Mode accelerates bimodal workflow development and testing by simulating the execution of workflows. As a result, developers and testers can more quickly identify and resolve logic issues and other issues without having to wait for long-running payloads to complete. 

Flexibility for Faster Workflow Development

Using Simulation, a developer can test things like Constraints or Completion Triggers before executing the Job and consuming the resources needed to complete it. Users can also configure the simulation of conditions other than success, such as failures and error scenarios. This gives users more flexibility in testing logic and workflow relationships, allowing for faster and more successful development enterprise-wide. Users can also leverage Workload Optimization features —such as graphical timelines of Jobs and counters that track the rolling averages of Jobs, Plans, and References— to gain greater insights about what causes workload delays and bottlenecks.

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