ActiveBatch Map View

An interactive, dynamic graphical display enables users to reorganize and optimize automation workflows.

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End-to-End Visibility and Control

A flexible, real-time graphical display and development environment, Map View allows users to build, design, and change workflow shape all from one place. This improves workflow development and job scheduling management.

Smart Search for Improved Object Identification

Map View features a smart search for rapid identification of objects and supports association of all objects to jobs, allowing users to create associations by simply dragging and dropping objects into a job or workflow.

Workflow Optimizer

Easily identify the critical paths of workflows with Workflow Optimizer. 

ActiveBatch Map View is a dynamic, real-time, graphical display and development environment.Map View offers a workflow optimization feature so that workflows can be reorganized and optimized, and users can instantly see the impact of their changes with a new estimated runtime. 

ActiveBatch’s Workflow Optimizer, combined with Simulation Mode and Check-Out | Check-In functionality, helps developers make and test changes more rapidly to meet changing business conditions. Workflow Optimizer is a graphical view that operates within Map View to help users identify the critical paths of their workflows.

This centralized view provides an elapsed-time insight for all the underlying jobs that make up a workflow. This object-by-object and total-elapsed-time view gives developers the ability to enhance workflow creation by showing the run-time impact any changes made to the workflow will have, based on historical and expected execution times. 

ActiveBatch Workload Optimization delivers insights about the causes of workload delays. Users can explore graphical timelines of individual jobs, view counters that record rolling averages for jobs, plans, and references, and leverage these insights to improve performance and reduce bottlenecks and slack time. By optimizing workloads, IT professionals can save themselves time, meet more SLAs, and respond faster to business requests.

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