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Change Management

Ensure a reliable and error-free approach to managing objects in different environments with ActiveBatch's Change Management system.


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"The Change Management tool simply copies from our UAT environment to production with no manual intervention. It appears in production untouched. The release process is now error free.”

--John Carlisle, IT Manager, BlueBay Asset Management

ActiveBatch Change ManagementReliably Manage and Promote Objects Between Environments
ActiveBatch’s Change Management System ensures a highly reliable and error free approach to synchronizing and managing objects across various environments such as Test, QA, and Production. The Change Management system's graphical user interface detects object differences and indicates the level of synchronization that needs to be performed.

Using a visual approach in comparing objects, ActiveBatch allows the designer to approve, accept, or exclude each of the changes, handle exceptions, and transform the object names to ensure they reliably navigate the different environments and execute with precision in the new environment. Objects selected to be synchronized can then be presented for review and approval.

As a result, organizations can reduce delays typically associated with deploying and updating end-to-end workflows across different systems and environments and benefit from improved control over the objects in their environments.

Changesets & Change Management
Changesets allow users to associate and identify multiple Object changes as part of a single Check-In and, when necessary, rollback multiple changes at one time. Built in audit trails to show what changes were deployed, when, and by whom, as well as the ability to add comments to document the purpose of a particular changeset provide users with a high degree of maintainability, manageability, and control. Changesets within Change Management give users the ability to identify, rollback, restore, and audit groups of changes made within ActiveBatch Change Management, so organizations can get up-and-running faster in the event of a failure or other issue.

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