ActiveBatch System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Integration

Automate client management processes and workflows with the ActiveBatch Extension for Microsoft SCCM

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End-to-End Automation Potential

As IT organizations are being forced to manage an expanding array of hybrid platforms, operating systems, mobile devices, servers, and more, client management tools such as Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager continue to adapt to expand support of various client platforms and application delivery models. To improve efficiency, reduce administrative efforts, and lower the total cost of ownership, IT organizations are looking to automate client management processes and workflows, such as OS deployment, patch distribution, and other administrative functions, without the need to rely on scripting.

The ActiveBatch Extension for System Center Configuration Manager provides administrators with a series of production-ready Job Steps so they can more easily automate System Center Configuration Manager processes. The production-ready Job Steps cover a host of common System Center Configuration Manager objects and functions, including a Create Job Step for the creation of Packages, Deployments, Programs, Folders, an Assign Package to Distribution Job Step, Delete and Modify Job Steps, and more.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality Without the Need for Scripts

Rather than using VB or PowerShell scripts to automate these functions, the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library allows users to drag and drop these Job Steps into workflows that manage the dependencies between System Center Configuration Manager functions and/or other systems that System Center Configuration Manager is dependent on. Users can use auto-populating dropdown menus to select and assign System Center Configuration Manager Objects, Job variables, and properties so users don’t have to hard-code these within a script. For example, a System Administrator could use the Create Job Step to specify the creation of a Package and then deploy that Package to a Distribution Point using the Assign Package to Distribution Job Step.

The Integrated Jobs Library also provides direct integration with a host of other Microsoft IT operational, administrative, software development, and platform solutions, including the System Center suite of products, Microsoft Active Directory, Team Foundation Server and virtual/cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure. These integrations allow administrators to use ActiveBatch for the end-to-end automation of IT operational and administrative processes. For example, ActiveBatch can automate an employee onboarding process whereby a new employee is provisioned a virtual machine, and based on its successful completion, System Center Configuration Manager creates a new software package of new application(s) the end user requires, assigns it to a distribution point, and then creates a deployment to notify the end user that the install is available for download.

What ActiveBatch Users are Saying

“If it’s digital, ActiveBatch can do it.”

—System Administrator, First Rate

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