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ActiveBatch Monitoring Solution Integrations

IT and business management recognize both the risk as well as the hard dollar costs that downtime imposes on their key business processes and applications. Organizations have invested in and deployed enterprise monitoring and management solutions to reduce the risk and increase the availability of their key applications by implementing a centrally integrated approach to monitoring enterprise applications and the systems on which they run.

ActiveBatch offers optional add-in monitoring solutions so operations management can better ensure consistency with established policies for monitoring enterprise applications. The ActiveBatch integrated monitoring packs were designed to allow for monitoring critical services, components, and objects that your business relies on for its daily operations.

Add-Ins and Extensions

In addition to the direct integration with various enterprise monitoring and management solutions, ActiveBatch's monitoring capabilities allow users to monitor workflows tied to SLAs and business policies. This enables ActiveBatch to monitor workflows for deadlines and thresholds set by the user and take appropriate action using ActiveBatch's alerting capabilities.

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