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Cross-Platform Scheduling for Oracle and Non-Oracle Applications

PeopleSoft is a leading solution for business application and process management but provides limited functionality in its native Process Scheduler tool. Process Scheduler is not built to manage workloads outside of PeopleSoft, and in today’s complex IT environments, users simply require more advanced capabilities to integrate data from other applications, databases, and technologies.

The ActiveBatch Extension for the PeopleSoft application provides a single, cross-platform scheduling solution that executes PeopleSoft jobs workload automation, batch scheduling, and business processes integrated across disparate platforms and databases.

ActiveBatch PeopleSoft extension benefits

  • Increase visibility into workflows and processes and manage all jobs from a single point of control
  • Reduce expenses and increase efficiency by creating end-to-end workflows that integrate PeopleSoft jobs with other applications, databases, and technologies
  • Improve scheduling and allow users to incorporate PeopleSoft jobs into larger workflows—all managed in ActiveBatch.
  • Easily automate processes that upload and export key data types to or from PeopleSoft Process Scheduler and disparate systems
  • Seamlessly integrate data and processes from across the organization, i.e. supply chain management, accounting, and invoicing data
  • Eliminate complex workflows that rely on custom scripting or switching between closed tools
  • Interact with jobs/processes within ActiveBatch via ProcessRequest Web Service interface and eliminate the need to install tools on the Execution Agent or Job Scheduler machines
  • Enumerate PeopleSoft processes within an ActiveBatch workflow

Identify complex workflows that include multiple batch processes in PeopleSoft with easy integration into Run Control ID.


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Improve PeopleSoft scheduling with the ActiveBatch Extension for Oracle PeopleSoft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler, found in PeopleTools, defines a process as a single task, program, or routine. This may be a Structured Query Report (SQR Report) or COBOL program. A job (which displays by job name) process can be the same or different types and can run either sequentially or in tandem. They require a server environment for scheduling support and all processes must be API-aware. Explore the diverse capabilities of ActiveBatch’s cross-platform job scheduling software.

Yes. PeopleSoft Application Engine is a batch processing tool for complex, long-running tasks. In PeopleSoft, actions for Application Engine are usually written in PeopleCode or SQL. Using ActiveBatch’s PeopleSoft extension, users can create the same complex tasks in a simple drag-and-drop, no-code interface for faster batch scheduling across process types. Discover the myriad of add-ins and extensions available in ActiveBatch.

Yes. Crystal Reports with PeopleSoft can integrate with ActiveBatch to create custom reports that integrate directly into workflows in ActiveBatch.
Process Monitor, the PeopleSoft status reporting tool, can integrate with ActiveBatch to provide a centralized view of batch process statuses. Process Monitor will display information like process name, run status (such as queued, processing, completed, or error), run time scheduled jobsets, server name, and process type.
ActiveBatch also provides its own comprehensive monitoring tools that deliver real-time in-application reporting with customized templates. Uncover the flexibility and insights ActiveBatch reporting provides.

Yes! ActiveBatch integrates with capabilities like Application Engine, Run Control ID, Data Mover scripts,nVision, the PeopleSoft application servers, Process Scheduler Servers, and the command-line interface PSADMIN. Users can manage and define PeopleSoft output destinations within ActiveBatch. ActiveBatch also works with operating systems like Unix, Linux, and more.
ActiveBatch has its own web server, the ActiveBatch web console, which manages and monitors batch processes and workflows across multiple systems and applications. Though it does not integrate with the PeopleSoft web server, users can still schedule, manage, and monitor PeopleSoft batch processes and reports.
Similarly, ActiveBatch has its own communication protocols for managing and automating batch processes, so it does not directly integrate into PSNT. ActiveBatch also has its own process scheduling and management system so does not directly integrate with PSJob. However, ActiveBatch’s capabilities in all these areas are robust and work across disparate platforms, enabling greater efficiency across the business. Learn more about ActiveBatch’s broad range of interfaces.

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