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Improve PeopleSoft automation with prebuilt Job Steps from ActiveBatch’s Extension for PeopleSoft. 

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Cross-Platform Scheduling for Oracle and non-Oracle Applications

Simplify the execution and integration of PeopleSoft jobs and processes with the ActiveBatch Extension for PeopleSoft. This extension provides users of PeopleSoft with a single, cross-platform scheduling solution that allows for the execution of PeopleSoft jobs within workflows that integrate other disparate applications, databases, and technologies.

ActiveBatch provides a single point of control for the execution of workflows based on constraints, event triggers, monitoring, and more for the automated execution of PeopleSoft jobs and processes. The ActiveBatch Extension for PeopleSoft reduces expenses and increases efficiency by improving PeopleSoft scheduling and allowing users to incorporate PeopleSoft jobs as part of larger workflows, all managed via ActiveBatch. By integrating PeopleSoft with ActiveBatch, organizations deploying ERP systems can avoid the limitations and restrictions inherent when solely using the PeopleSoft ProcessScheduler component. For example, a user can automate entire processes associated with uploading and exporting of key data types into and out of PeopleSoft, such as supply chain management, accounting and invoicing data from other disparate systems, rather than relying on custom scripting or manual intervention.

The ProcessRequest Web Service interface is used for interacting with jobs/processes within ActiveBatch. Since this is a web service, no tools need to be installed on either the Execution Agent or the Job Scheduler machines. With this integration, existing PeopleSoft processes can be enumerated and used within an ActiveBatch workflow. The exit status of the PeopleSoft process/job is used to determine the next ActiveBatch job/plan to execute.

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Oracle PeopleSoft Datasheet.

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