ActiveBatch System Center Orchestrator (SCORCH) Integration

Improve dependency and data management with the ActiveBatch Extension for SCORCH

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Unified Automation Enterprise-Wide with ActiveBatch

As the runbook automation solution for the Microsoft System Center Suite of products, System Center Orchestrator is geared towards the automation of data center and IT operational tasks and processes. To automate workload and batch processes in support of the business, IT organizations typically rely on a separate automation solution. When data center tasks and functions become dependent on other cross-departmental process types and platforms, the ability to manage dependencies and pass data becomes increasingly difficult and IT productivity suffers from a result of having to manage multiple automation solutions.

Two-Way Integration with System Center Orchestrator

The ActiveBatch Extension for System Center Orchestrator and Integration pack offers two-way integration with System Center Orchestrator to allow System Center users to augment the runbook automation capabilities of System Center Orchestrator with the workload automation capabilities of ActiveBatch. Using the ActiveBatch Extension, IT organizations can schedule and run System Center Orchestrator Runbooks from within ActiveBatch – as well as allowing ActiveBatch Jobs and Plans to be directly accessed and triggered from within System Center Orchestrator using the System Center Orchestrator Integration Pack. This allows an IT organization to unify multiple automation solutions, coordinate heterogeneous IT and business processes from a single point of control, and improve IT staff productivity by eliminating the need to manage multiple automation solutions.

The ActiveBatch Extension for System Center Orchestrator and the ActiveBatch Integration Pack for System Center Orchestrator are separately licensed as part of the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library. ActiveBatch also provides integration with other System Center products, including System Center Operations ManagerService Manager, and Virtual Machine Manager


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Bring runbook and business processes together with the ActiveBatch Extension for System Center Orchestrator (SCORCH).

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