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Simplify your automation environment with templated Job Steps for PowerShell.

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PowerShell White PaperSimplifying PowerShell Scripting with Enterprise Automation

ActiveBatch supports PowerShell as part of the Integrated Jobs Library with powerful Job Steps that simplify the automation of your PowerShell scripting.

PowerShell has become a powerful framework and is the de-facto standard scripting language for the automation and administration of Windows applications and systems. ActiveBatch Job Scheduling and Workload Automation offers object-level integrated support for PowerShell, providing users with improved integration and execution of PowerShell scripts with object collection passing from one Job Step to another. As PowerShell Job Steps execute within the context of an ActiveBatch Job, they enjoy all the features of that object, including constraints, resource management, and dynamic event-based execution, resulting in improved control and flexibility.

ActiveBatch and PowerShell: A Powerful Combination

Implementing PowerShell scripts within ActiveBatch's Integrated Jobs Library provides developers the ability to add new functionality, up and / or downstream from the script using the prebuilt functions (e.g. Active Directory, Exchange, Skype, etc.)  to enhance any new or existing PowerShell script with capabilities without having to write additional lines of code. 

The powerful Job Steps within ActiveBatch empowers PowerShell scripts with a wide range of new capabilities:

  • Object Passing.  Normally PowerShell objects are accessible only with the script itself. With ActiveBatch, you can pass data from one PowerShell script to another or even a non PowerShell Job Step.
  • Enhanced Security.  Only authorized users can edit or change a job, including those involving PowerShell scripts.
  • Audits and Tracking Changes. Once a PowerShell Script is placed within ActiveBatch our audit capabilities allow IT to see who modified the code and what was changed.  ActiveBatch allows reviewers to compare any two versions; they can roll back to any previous version, regardless of how may changes have been made.
  • Fast Script Editing.  The ActiveBatch Script Editor allows developers to edit scripts, then trigger to see the results live.  It also highlights syntax errors, and includes find/replace and variable auto-completion capabilities.
  • Granular Scheduling. Scripts can be triggered based on date and time (Gregorian and Fiscal Schedules) and / or events such as emails using key words, file drops, network events, and more.  Complex event scheduling can also be easily implemented using date arithmetic, constraints, and holidays.
  •  Implicit/Explicit Remoting.  ActiveBatch supports agentless remote execution of jobs on machines not controlled by a PowerShell script. If PowerShell exists on one machine, ActiveBatch will execute instructions for a second machine even if it cannot be managed by PowerShell.

By leveraging PowerShell within ActiveBatch's environment, users can easily integrate PowerShell scripts into complex business and IT workflows comprising various technologies, applications, and databases. 

In addition to the Integrated Jobs Library, ActiveBatch provides a built-in PowerShell Module for programmatic access.

Download the ActiveBatch PowerShell datasheet.

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