ActiveBatch V12 Key Capabilities

Learn about the new V12 features and capabilities that are Redefining IT Automation.

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Programmatically Manage ActiveBatch Information Across the Enterprise

(V12 SP2, September 2019) 

ActiveBatch REST API

The ActiveBatch REST API can be installed on an existing ActiveBatch Job Scheduler machine or on a standalone Windows Server for increased security. Documentation for the ActiveBatch REST API can be accessed via a web browser and includes sample requests and responses that allow users to quickly build reliable API calls.

Additional Features in V12 SP2

  • Performance improvements for Microsoft SQL Server and Service Broker
  • Enhancements to the FTP Event Trigger, now supporting “modified” events
  • Plus, corrections for reported bugs
  • And more…

Automation Designed for an Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

(V12 SP1, March 2019) 

CyberArk Integration

ActiveBatch V12 provides an out-of-the-box integration with CyberArk’s Application Access Manager (formerly, Application Identity Manager), allowing ActiveBatch workflows to dynamically retrieve credentials from CyberArk at runtime before dispatching Jobs to Agents. This extends CyberArk’s benefits to ActiveBatch, providing an additional layer of security and simplifying credential management.

Multi-Factor Authentication

ActiveBatch supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the ActiveBatch Console, ActiveBatch Web Console, ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal, and ActiveBatch Mobile Ops. ActiveBatch MFA uses a time-based, one-time password algorithm for generating and validating codes, adding another layer of protection against unauthorized access. The multi-factor authentication functionality works with most common authenticator apps, including Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo, and more.

Additional Features in V12 SP1

  • Sensitive information can now be removed entirely from Export operations.
  • A new category of Microsoft Azure Job Steps that makes use of the newer Microsoft Azure API.
  • Microsoft OLE DB for SQL Server is now supported.
  • DBPurge job has been converted to a Job Step that now includes database maintenance to re-index the ActiveBatch database for faster performance.
  • Performance improvements have been made in the area of schedule computations.

New Capabilities Driving Innovation

(V12 Base Release, November 2018)

Built for a fast‐paced, evolving IT landscape, ActiveBatch Version 12 introduces new, powerful, and extensive automation functionality for improved agility, reliability, and speed. ActiveBatch V12 unlocks the power of machine learning and data analytics to deliver organizations the capabilities and insight they need to innovate beyond the competition.

High-Performance ActiveBatch Console

ActiveBatch V12 features an improved thick‐client Console that provides a smoother user experience and better overall performance, without sacrificing the intuitive interface that ActiveBatch users are familiar with. Consistent with the Web Console interface, the updated ActiveBatch Console features an enhanced layout with customizable views and additional tagging functionalities for the easy retrieval of objects. The new Console also introduces light and dark theme options, a Connection Manager through which users can manage their Job Scheduler and Group Connections, and a newly designed Start Page with convenient links to ASCI resources, recent connection information, and important customer and product announcements. 

Heuristic Queue Allocation

Heuristic Queue Allocation (HQA) fosters seamless scalability by adding the power of machine learning to IT Automation, optimizing the allocation of Queues to enhance the performance of machine resources. By analyzing historical instance data to predict the optimal allocation of future Execution Queues, HQA intelligently distributes Job load across all available and acceptable Execution Agents to minimize slack time and reduce idle machine resources.

Dynamic, User-Defined Queue Characteristics

Starting with ActiveBatch V12, users can assign custom, dynamic characteristics to Queues, leveraging the power of Active Variables to evaluate multiple machines before submitting ActiveBatch Jobs to Queues. Developers can configure workflows to monitor Queue Characteristics, for example, available disk space and registry values, using these characteristics at runtime to select the Execution Queue best suited for the Job.

Workload Wait-Time Insights & Optimization

ActiveBatch’s Workload Optimization has been enhanced to deliver greater insights about what causes workloads to delay before being dispatched. Users can explore graphical timelines of individual Jobs to gather insights about improving performance and reducing bottlenecks and slack time. V12 also introduces six new counters that record rolling averages for Jobs, Plans, and References, providing data that can be used to further optimize workflow performance.

ActiveBatch Management Console

ActiveBatch V12 introduces the ActiveBatch Management Console, an all‐new installation and unified configuration management tool. All major application components such as the ActiveBatch Console, Web Console, and Self‐Service Portal are configured through the Management Console, providing users with more control over their configuration settings. The Management Console also allows users to reconfigure their installations without having to uninstall the product and then reinstall it with the desired configuration.

Template Reporting

New in V12, Template Reporting provides a transparent view into Job Templates and ActiveBatch Objects. By using the power and flexibility of SQL queries, these highly customizable reports enable users to analyze all objects and properties within ActiveBatch. Query results can then be uploaded to any third‐party business intelligence or reporting tool. Because Template Reporting uses a separate reporting database, there is no negative impact on performance within your production environment.

ActiveBatch Mobile Ops App (iOS & Android) SEPARATELY LICENSED

ActiveBatch Mobile Ops app is designed for ActiveBatch Operators and Administrators who need to monitor critical workloads and respond to issues while on‐the‐go. Available within the Apple App and Google Play Stores, ActiveBatch Mobile Ops gives users visibility into their automation environments even when they’re away from the office. ActiveBatch Mobile Ops provides secure access with optional multi-factor authentication, and features a robust Instances View, search‐and‐filter options, content‐aware alerting with push notifications, and much more. Mobile user access can be easily administered within the ActiveBatch Console.

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