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ActiveBatch V11 Key Capabilities

Learn about the new V11 Features and Capabilities that are Redefining IT Automation.

Built for the changing IT landscape and with valuable feedback from our users, ActiveBatch Version 11 provides new capabilities to the industry’s most comprehensive IT Automation solution, allowing organizations to automate even more in the areas of workload automation, business process automation, IT process automation, managed file transfer, big data automation, and more, all within a single automation environment. ActiveBatch V11 introduces powerful and incremental automation functionality for improved reliability, updates to the Jobs Library for faster and more reliable workflow development, and new innovative extensions. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of new ActiveBatch V11 features.

New Managed File Transfer Capabilities

New Managed File Transfer (MFT) capabilities provide increased flexibility and performance for file transfer processes. Actions that previously required scripting can now be handled through Job Steps. Advanced filtering allows users to restrict transfers based on factors like relative age, absolute age, or size of the file. With the new MFT User Account Object, connection parameters can be specified within the User Account Object itself for easier manageability, maintainability, and audit tracing, all while maintaining secure access to the Object. The new MFT capabilities allow for checks to determine whether files have been successfully transferred, transfer restart options to enable the restart of transfers upon detecting an error, and advanced parallel transfer capabilities.  

FTP File Trigger
ActiveBatch’s new FTP File Trigger allows users to, depending on FTP server implementation, trigger a Job or Plan based on the creation or deletion of a file on an FTP server, where direct file system access may not be available.

Automation for Big Data/Support for Hadoop Ecosystem
ActiveBatch simplifies big data automation with production-ready content for the Hadoop Ecosystem including HDFS, Hive, MapReduce, Spark, HBase, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, and more, giving users the advantage of focusing on function, rather than coding. This approach provides ActiveBatch users the ability to more reliably build, automate, and maintain Hadoop workflows. Users have the option of assembling new Hadoop workflows, running existing Hadoop scripts, and/or augmenting Hadoop scripts with components of the Jobs Library. The ActiveBatch Extension for Hadoop also simplifies the integration of Hadoop components within the IT infrastructure and provides Hadoop users with all ActiveBatch’s advanced scheduling and automation functionality.

With this integration comes a powerful new HDFS Event Automation Trigger, which improves time to insight by getting data into the hands of the end user faster.

The ActiveBatch Extension for Apache Hadoop is separately licensed.

Changesets allow users to Check-In and rollback multiple changes made to and across a series of Objects at one time, providing an audit trail to show what changes were deployed, when, and by whom. This provides a new degree of maintainability, manageability, and control of ActiveBatch Objects. Users can also add comments to document the purpose of a Changeset and indicate why a set of changes were made. Additionally, Changesets within Change Management allow users to identify, rollback, restore, and audit groups of changes made within ActiveBatch Change Management.
Non-Windows Integrated Jobs Library Support
ActiveBatch V11 will ensure that the Java Workflow Host program supports the same framework as the Windows version for runtime. This change will ensure consistency and full functionality of most Job Steps for Jobs executed on most non-Windows servers, including Linux, Unix, OpenVMS, and others.

Job Step Updates
Job Steps can now grouped, copied & pasted, and/or saved to a Template Library area and reused in other Jobs on a per user or global basis. These new enhancements will both improve reliability and as well as simplify the development of Jobs that make use of the same Job Steps, as users will be able to reuse previously-built templates consisting of individual Job Steps or groups of Job Steps. Additionally, users can leave comments on a Job Step or Jobs Library Job to assist developers in more easily conveying and understanding the purpose of a Job or Job Step.

Web Services API
A new Web Services API, supported on ActiveBatch V11 (with limited support for ActiveBatch V10 SP3) will now be available as part of the core ActiveBatch license. The Web Services API, which supports Soap 1.1 and 1.2, is a more powerful Web Services model with backend improvements for advanced performance and speed. Note: ASCI will continue to distribute and support the existing Web Services ENV framework, but Web Services ENV users are encouraged to use Web Services API for future development.

Support for Local Business Day Start Time Across Time Zones
When ActiveBatch is implemented across a global enterprise, developers and operations need to ensure that Jobs and Plans are being executed at the right time, regardless of things like time zones or daylight savings time. For those ActiveBatch users employing Constraint-Based Scheduling (CBS), ActiveBatch offers support for a rolling start of the business day across time zones. For example, a 6 a.m. start time can be 6 a.m. local time, regardless of the Job Scheduler’s time zone, making the implementation of complex scheduling requirements simpler.

ServiceNow Integration
ActiveBatch V11 will extend the existing ActiveBatch Extension for ServiceNow by providing bidirectional integration. ActiveBatch workflows will now be able to be triggered based on conditions or activities that occur within ServiceNow, either through integration with ServiceNow Orchestration or with ActiveBatch’s new ServiceNow Event Trigger. This orchestration piece, along with a new “Query Incident” Job Step, are in addition to the ServiceNow Alerts and Job Steps currently offered in the ActiveBatch Extension for ServiceNow. 

The ActiveBatch Extension for ServiceNow is separately licensed.

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal (ActiveBatch V10 SP2 and above)
ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal empowers Business Units and Help Desk teams to take on daily and ad hoc processes with a user-friendly, web-based interface for desktop or tablet browsers. Now, these users can run and monitor approved tasks like generating BI reports, querying data, adding new hires, resetting passwords, or sharing files without relying on IT’s day-to-day involvement, making IT less busy.

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