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Improve Insight with Intelligent Analytics

Simplify your piece of the puzzle with advanced analytics and reporting tools.

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The Challenge: Too Much Information, No Time for Insight

We are living in a world where human attention has become a scarce commodity. Never before in history have we had so much information at our fingertips.

Despite this availability of data, businesses are struggling with ways to derive meaningful insight from various sources. As more and more data becomes available for analysis, IT is dealing with an abundance of applications, databases, and systems to manage, in addition to the data dependencies between these systems. 

What if You Had a Way to Simplify Your Piece of the Puzzle?
ActiveBatch helps organizations improve insight with intelligent analytics and reporting designed to easily identify, monitor, and manage workflows and systems.

Key ActiveBatch Capabilities:

Comprehensive Alerting & Workflow Monitoring

Organizations can better identify issues, proactively prevent job failures, and quickly pinpoint processing bottlenecks with ActiveBatch’s alerting and monitoring capabilities. ActiveBatch supports over dozens of different alerts that are used to notify users and operations when a specified condition has been raised within a workflow. 

DashboardPowerful Reporting & Business Intelligence Capabilities 
ActiveBatch supports a variety of built-in and custom reporting tools to enable organizations to deliver information to end users quickly and in multiple formats for improved decision making. Additionally, our Dashboard offers a dynamic visualization of the performance and health of the ActiveBatch system. Using the Dashboard, Operations can quickly and efficiently view both the real-time and historical progress of their business and IT operational workflows as well as the health of the ActiveBatch system through the use of visual aids that map key performance metrics.

Multiple Developer and Operations Views 
ActiveBatch provides multiple views for both Developers and Operations so users can target and analyze data based on functional areas. 

Machine Load ViewMachine Load View provides a visual heat map with refined performance counter graphs so users can easily identify system usage and rearrange resources based on workload needs.

Forecast View
Forecast View shows the critical path of workflows, along with their dependencies, to help predict the optimal run times of workflow.

Gantt ViewGantt View graphically displays all Job and Plan relationships as well as their executions by time, giving users a comprehensive and easy to understand view of all of the executing, executed, and soon to execute objects in their environment.

Machine Load View
SLA Monitoring
View SLA workflows and proactively prevent breaches. Manage expectations by facilitating communication regarding the execution and timely completion of critical workflows. IT operations can automate and manage both simple and complex workflows to ensure the fulfillment of the SLA in real time.


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