Understanding the Key Benefits of ActiveBatch® IT Automation


activebatch-v11Increase IT Agility & Reduce the Cost of Change

IT and business processes are scattered across multiple environments, and the systems being managed have increased tenfold. How can you address this complexity in a world where IT budgets are static and finding people with the right skills is a growing problem? The answer is automation.


Coordinate & Consolidate
Gain a Single Point of Control - Instead of having islands of automation consisting of multiple scheduling tools, ActiveBatch offers one unified, cross-platform solution that reduces overall costs & simplifies business & IT processes.


Build & Automate in Half the Time
Focus on Function Rather Than Coding In addition to the Integrated Jobs Library & Service Library, which simplify workflow development with pre-built Job Steps, ActiveBatch offers collaborative capabilities that eliminate the time spent researching, writing, & testing workflows.


Security-Driven Automation
Prevent Unauthorized Access to Systems & Data - ActiveBatch’s security-driven automation model leads the market in delivering enterprise-wide secure automation by preventing unauthorized access to systems & data.


Just-In-Time Resource Provisioning
Maximize Virtual & Cloud Investments - Automatically provision & de-provision cloud & virtual systems on a moment-by-moment basis to optimize hybrid computing environments & minimize wasteful spending.


Improve Insight with Intelligent Analytics
Easily Identify, Monitor, & Manage Workflows & Systems - As more & more data becomes available for analysis, easily manage the abundance of applications, databases, & systems, in addition to the data dependencies between the systems.

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