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ActiveBatch® is Redefining IT Automation  

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Automation Strategies with ActiveBatch

Elemental Approach

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Architectural Approach

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Gartner research shows that most organizations have 3 to 8 automation tools in place. This elemental approach to IT automation is fragmented; developers and IT operations implement specific tools to address individual needs on a piecemeal basis. The results are increased complexity, higher costs, and lack of scalable enterprise-wide governance.

ActiveBatch is an intelligent solution that directly addresses the issue of IT automation by consolidating and coordinating silos of automation within a single framework. This gives businesses the IT agility they need and reduces the time expended on managing and supporting multiple solutions.

Multiple Scheduling Tools

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Single Automation Solution

To a Single Automation Solution

The use of multiple scheduling tools imposes barriers to the building, maintenance, and automation of business and IT operational processes that often require time-consuming manual intervention and bolted-on point solutions.

ActiveBatch gets to the root of the problem by providing a content-rich library of pre-built activities that pass data to downstream tasks and manage dependencies for each of your applications across physical and virtual platforms with a single point of control.

Custom Scripting

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Production Ready Job Steps

To Production-Ready Job Steps

Many of today’s legacy job schedulers are script-driven solutions that require hard-coding by a developer. The ongoing maintenance and operational costs associated with this approach slow down IT operations and business growth.

ActiveBatch's content-rich Integrated Jobs Library allows organizations to build and automate their workflows in less than half the time and enables true end-to-end automation with hundreds of production-ready actions and integrations. For those organizations that have a large base of existing scripts or prefer scripting, ActiveBatch, a script language independent solution, provides powerful scripting and script lifecycle management capabilities. 

Legacy Job Scheduler

From a Legacy Job Scheduler

Solution Designed for Change

To a Solution Designed for Change

Legacy job schedulers are an impediment to agile IT operations because they are not designed for changing IT and business needs. They lack cross-platform capabilities and templated job steps or workflows.

ActiveBatch absorbs the complexity of managing a multitude of disparate systems and processes, providing a unified automation solution that gives businesses the enterprise-wide control, visibility, and management they need in today’s technology-driven world.