Get The Reporting You Need For Your Business & IT Operations

ActiveBatch gives you the flexibility to get reporting in-application or via your third-party tools

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ActiveBatch makes it easy to monitor your IT and business operations. Either use our reports and dashboard to see how your systems are performing or connect with powerful, third-party tools to incorporate ActiveBatch into your larger reporting infrastructure.

Customize Template Reports For ActiveBatch Insights

ActiveBatch template reporting gives you powerful reporting on all job templates, objects and properties. Track how jobs have been modified, deleted or revised, so you always know who’s made changes in your live systems.

With ActiveBatch template reporting, we use ETL to offload the data into a separate relational database. This allows you to connect any third-party BI tool like Tableau or Power BI for additional reporting. 

Instance Reporting

ActiveBatch also gives you the option of using instance reporting to monitor how your jobs performed historically. Gain meaningful insights by creating SQL and Crystal Reports using ActiveBatch data or take it a step further with more powerful BI tools.

Using ETL, your data is offloaded to an OLAP database you set up on-prem where it can be connected to third-party tools for additional reporting. 

Elevate your analysis of ActiveBatch data by using it in your organization’s business intelligence and reporting systems. Get all the benefits of your data analytics program with trusted data exported from ActiveBatch.

Get Lightweight Reporting On The Go

Stay informed about your job status with ActiveBatch Mobile Ops. No matter where your day takes you, our mobile dashboard makes it easy to see how your jobs are performing. Stay up-to-date on your operations and troubleshoot, remotely trigger workflows and disable or restart jobs — all from your phone.

Ready to see how ActiveBatch can simplify your workload automation?

Our experts will run your actual jobs in ActiveBatch so you see how it simplifies your automation environment. Get your questions answered as you see how easy it is to build and maintain your jobs in ActiveBatch.

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