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Workflow Automation for Complex IT and Business Processes

ActiveBatch’s intuitive workflow development capabilities take workflow management and process improvement to a new level. Powerful tools are designed to help developers spend less time building automation workflows for repetitive tasks. ActiveBatch offers hundreds of production-ready, drag-and-drop Job Steps for commonly scripted workflow processes and actions to minimize human error and streamline IT environments.

ActiveBatch readily integrates with virtually every solution and technology on the market, including:

  • All major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, and IBM iSeries AS/400

  • Other schedulers, including cron and Windows Task Scheduler

  • Business intelligence tools, data warehousing tools, and more

  • Numerous vendors, with built-in integrations for Informatica, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, VMware, Amazon (AWS), Apache Hadoop ecosystem, ERP systems, and more

  • Multiple back-end databases like SQL Server, Azure SQL, and Oracle DB

Unified Automation Means Serious Control

Central to any automation platform is the ability to orchestrate and centralize control over systems, applications, data, and other technologies. But control for healthcare providers and critical healthcare systems goes beyond orchestration. The ActiveBatch workflow management system ensures you have control with complete audit trails, centralized reporting, strict and granular user permissioning, multi-factor authentication to access the automation environment, integrations with industry-leading security innovators like CyberArk, and more. This means the workflow management solution complies with core HIPAA regulations out-of-the-box, with little or no customization required.

When dealing with patient care, automation solutions in the healthcare industry need to keep records on everything. This ensures not only patient safety for their medical records, electronic forms, and other critical data, but even records on the IT staff's actions or the automation software's actions. The entire healthcare workflow management tool is fully reportable and auditable from the ground up, patient information and data is highly secured, and the best patient experience is ensured.

Low-Code Integration and Assembly

Automate custom business and IT workflows with ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library, which includes hundreds of Job Steps in a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for users to pass data and manage dependencies between various applications and technologies. This makes for greater workflow efficiency within healthcare processes. Granular job configurations and shared objects account for unique business rules, approval processes, the integration of interactive/manual tasks, and other requirements for complex workflows.

The ActiveBatch Service Library extends the power of the Integrated Jobs Library with full API accessibility that allows users to load and execute WSDLs, SOAP Web Services, RESTful Services, and more, expanding the reach of ActiveBatch to any application or technology with an API.

Real-Time, End-to-End Visibility with Unified Workflow Software

ActiveBatch provides a flexible, policy-driven framework that makes it possible for IT to unify digital transformation efforts that allow the enterprise to go paperless – whether in business process management (BPM), IT process management (ITPM), low-code assembly, script lifecycle management, or just about any other use case.

IT can unify the monitoring and management of automated tasks because ActiveBatch workflow management software tracks all actions, changes, and instance histories for optimum visibility and control across the enterprise. Plus, with dozens of easy-to-digest views that provide critical information in real time – for all integrated workflows, systems, and tasks – IT has a single location from which it can monitor and manage automated processes from dozens of environments.


Where Digital Transformation Meets Enterprise Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

Automated workflows in healthcare are often used to transfer and manage sensitive data. For example, patient information must be encrypted, transformed, and then delivered to other parts of the hospital or to third-party providers. By centralizing the management of automated workflows, organizations can optimize the flow of information, improving compliance and the customer experience. Explore ActiveBatch’s workflow capabilities.

Cross-platform workflow automation solutions enable organizations to centralize control over their automated workflows. This means a single console for automating, managing, and monitoring automated workflows across the organization. Benefits include a reduction in manual processes, increased efficiency, more reliable workflows, and faster resolution of issues. Explore ActiveBatch’s workflow capabilities.

Yes. Each ActiveBatch job can support multiple dependencies including constraints, conditional logic, and variables. Those dependencies can then be passed to other jobs as part of larger, cross-platform workflows. Explore ActiveBatch’s advanced job scheduling capabilities.

Yes, ActiveBatch supports managed file transfers (MFT) using SFTP, FTPS, and web tunneling. File event triggers, parallel transfers, and granular date/time scheduling can be used to increase efficiency and reliability. Plus, hundreds of production-ready actions for common file operations such as MoveFile, CopyFile, For-Each-File, IfFile, and more. Explore ActiveBatch’s file transfer capabilities.

ActiveBatch can integrate with virtually any digital solution or technology available. ActiveBatch provides prebuilt, universal integrations for dozens of common workflow tasks, and offers dozens of integrations for popular platforms including AWS EC2, Azure, VMware, Cognos BI, Dynamics AX, and many more. Users can even turn APIs into reusable jobs that can be seamlessly incorporated into end-to-end processes. Explore ActiveBatch’s integrations.

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