Advanced Systems Concepts Announces Launch of ActiveBatch Academy Empowering Users to Stay Ahead of Growing IT Resources Gap

Release date: 10/17/2018

MORRISTOWN, N.J., Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Known for Redefining IT Automation, Advanced Systems Concepts is now redefining its customer training program with the launch of ActiveBatch Academy. Building on existing highly-rated course offerings, ActiveBatch Academy is a new, customer-centric, online training platform designed for ActiveBatch users of all skill levels to successfully learn or review features, capabilities, and use cases needed to excel in their roles and stay ahead of change.

With course content tailored toward developers, operators, and administrators, ActiveBatch Academy features a role-based course series, Did You Know course series, and enhanced Deep Dive courses. Courses feature on-demand modules, interactive Knowledge Check quizzes and exams, practical hands-on labs, and expert Q&A.

Additionally, ActiveBatch users have the option to subscribe to ActiveBatch Academy with flexible, user-based plans that provide unlimited access to course material as well as the ability to go back and review material, even after a course is completed. Introduction of a role-based ActiveBatch Certification program will become an integral part of the program starting in Q1 2019.

"With the rapid rate of changing technologies coupled with low unemployment, finding IT staff with skills that align with continually evolving requirements has become increasingly difficult. ActiveBatch Academy helps solve the problem by accelerating our customers' investment and use of IT Automation," says Frank Melchiorre, Product Marketing Manager of Advanced Systems Concepts. "By removing barriers like travel, coordination of schedules, and budgeting limitations, ActiveBatch Academy will help advance not only individual growth, but will also help organizations achieve their objectives faster and better adapt to the growing IT skills gap."

About Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.
Since 1981, Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) has developed cutting-edge products across vertical markets, including ActiveBatch, a recognized market leader in IT Automation. ASCI offers a range of solutions for Windows, UNIX, Linux, HP OpenVMS, and NSK, as well as z/OS, AIX, and SCO UNIX. With a customer base of over 2,000 organizations in more than 50 countries, ASCI helps companies respond to increasingly complex business needs with software that improves performance and IT operations. 

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