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ActiveBatch Job Scheduler, XLNT, and RemoteSHADOW

ActiveBatch Job Scheduling and Workload Autoamtion

ActiveBatch® Enterprise Job Scheduling / Workload Automation Software Enterprise corporations around the globe use ActiveBatch for reliable and sophisticated scheduling of critical business processes. Using ActiveBatch enterprise job scheduling software, organizations have successfully reduced error rates and increased productivity through automation.

Advanced Scripting and Command Language

XLNT® Advanced Scripting and Command Language XLNT makes it even easier to administer and manage enterprise Microsoft Windows environments. XLNT helps to reduce the time in executing recurrent tasks and shorten programming time while assuring the overall integrity of Windows System Management.

Data Replication and Recovery Software

RemoteSHADOW® Replication and Recovery Software RemoteSHADOW provides real-time remote monitoring of data giving enterprise organizations the security that today's business demand. RemoteSHADOW is easy to implement and provides a transparent data replication solution for UNIX and OpenVMS systems.

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Watch Terminal Monitoring Program
DiskMaker for OpenVMS Volume Shadowing
Virtuoso Virtual Disk Capabilities
Recorder Terminal Recording System
Performance Simulation System (PSS)


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