Intelligent Automation for Energy and Utility Companies

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Business ProcessAutomation For Providers In Utility Industries

The utilities sector faces many changes that require updated business models and cost-effective process management. From sustainability initiatives and renewable energy to supply chain issues and cybersecurity threats, utility and energy companies must evolve rapidly.

With a business automation solution that streamlines processes, reduces the demands on IT teams and reduces human error, business evolution and digital transformation are more accessible than ever.

Automate Anything - All From A Single Point Of Control

Quickly Deploy High-Value WorkflowAutomation

Easily scale up energy-industry-specific automations to deliver quick wins across a variety of use cases like forecasting, file transfers and reporting. You can even optimize meter-to-cash operations with smart meter reading and IoT data streams. ActiveBatch deploys across hybrid IT ecosystems, so you’re gaining operational efficiency when implementing our solution.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer-centric automation just got easier: Automate customer-facing processes such as chatbots or appointment notifications so your customers feel connected. ActiveBatch goes beyond the task automation of robotic process automation (RPA) and helps support teams build end-to-end automations to help improve customer experience.

Seamless Integrations

ActiveBatch offers extensive support for business and IT technologies. Integrating disparate applications with ActiveBatch gives IT teams a centralized platform from which to manage and monitor their workflows. ActiveBatch has seamless extensions for common utility company tools such as SAP NetWeaver, SAP BusinessObjects DataServices, Microsoft Azure, and more. Discover our integrations and extensions.

Powerful Enough For IT, Intuitive Enough for Energy & Utilities Users

As utility and energy companies contend with outages and changing regulations for energy sources and emissions, workflow automation can simplify business processes and even enable cost savings.

Decrease In Human Error

As more processes become automated, they require less manual intervention. With the potential for outages and service issues to cause significant financial impact and customer dissatisfaction, automation eliminates manual effort and enables IT teams to become more efficient and focused on strategic initiatives.

Real-TimeEnd-to-End Visibility With Centralized WorkflowAutomation

ActiveBatch offers a flexible, policy-driven framework for IT to advance digital transformation across the organization. By applying automation to repetitive tasks, ActiveBatch workflow management software gives IT teams the ability to track all actions, changes, and instance histories for deep visibility and organization-wide control.

With real-time notifications for all integrated workflows, systems , and tasks, ActiveBatch is a single dashboard to monitor and manage automated processes across your entire hybrid environment.

Make Automation Your Competitive Advantage

Automating processes across your hybrid ecosystem can reduce operating costs and increase efficiency across your IT and business teams.

Prevent Unauthorized Access To Systems and Data

ActiveBatch’s security-driven, organization-wide automation platform is an object-oriented system, so all User Accounts are objects. All jobs or plans associated with a user account require just one change to the user account object, not multiple changes to each job or plan.

ActiveBatch’s multi-tenant architecture enables administrators to designate access and permissions based on organizational needs for a secure, effective automation environment. Explore our supported authentication types, architectures, and secure connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automation can help utility providers and energy companies automate many routine business tasks. From price forecasting, data entry, data analysis, and report generation to onboarding and human resources processes, automation can help utilities work faster with more accuracy and remain compliant with data security programs and government regulations. Explore all the possibilities of business process automation.

Automation has many use cases for utilities providers. Automation can create price forecasting jobs that work with in-house forecasting tools or external applications to compile and deliver data to business users. Utility companies can automate file transfers using one job with a variable field that personalizes the file, allowing IT teams to create a process once and replicate it as needed. ActiveBatch even has built-in audit and security features to help track job execution and modify jobs. Discover all the ways ActiveBatch can benefit energy companies.

Yes — ActiveBatch works with Xcel Energy (NYSE: XEL), a major U.S. electricity and natural gas company. They provide electricity to 3.4 million customers and natural gas to 1.9 million customers. Xcel uses ActiveBatch for overnight batch processes and data warehousing workflows. ActiveBatch also automates their data center processes like automating their file system and database table cleanups and imports and exports across Oracle Databases. Read more about how Xcel benefits from automation with ActiveBatch.

Be ready to automate anything.

Build and automate visual workflows in half the time without the need for custom scripting. Gain operational peace of mind with real-time insights, customizable alerting, and more.

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