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A BPM Platform for the Enterprise


Integrated Jobs Library

Endless Drag-and-Drop Integrations

ActiveBatch is a no-code workflow management tool that provides hundreds of prebuilt, platform-neutral connectors plus low-code API accessibility, enabling IT to build dynamic, end-to-end workflows that reduce manual tasks and accelerate digital transformation.

  • Business process automation: Microsoft apps suite, enterprise resource planning (ERP), HR platforms, BI tools, and more

  • Secure file transfers: managed file transfers with support for SFTP, FTPS, and web tunneling

  • Cloud automation: seamless integrations with major cloud vendors including Amazon, Microsoft, and VMware

  • Incident management: two-way integrations for ServiceNow and Microsoft Service Manager automation


Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

Execute Automated Processes On-Time, Every Time

Minimize manual interventions with an array of event triggers for business application tasks, including email, file events, FTP file triggers, data modifications, and more. Reduce delays and unsuccessful runs with constraint-based scheduling and granular date/time scheduling. With ActiveBatch, businesses worry less about routine processes and focus more on innovation.


Monitoring and Alerting

Reliability and Visibility for Business Processes

ActiveBatch provides capabilities and features that make it easy to manage the full life-cycle of your business processes.

  • Visualize and test workflow logic with business process modeling facilities for superior process design

  • Automated monitoring, alerting, and remediation helps prevent job failures, overruns, and SLA breaches

  • Users can monitor environments in real-time and access in-depth reports

  • Dynamically scale resources based on real-time demand with intelligent tools that prevent bottlenecks and reduce slack time

  • Leverage ActiveBatch's SLA management tools to ensure that SLA jobs won't overrun, under-run, or fail

  • Audit trails, documentation, and process templates streamline process maintenance


Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Automation for Business Users

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal provides workflow automation and process execution capabilities so business users can complete work faster. Enable non-IT users to run and monitor critical processes for faster data and reports. This means that business does not have to wait on IT when a process stalls, or when information needs to be processed for case management tasks.


Digital Transformation Has Never Been So Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

Business process management software is used for process improvement, for evaluating processes, and for standardizing business rules. Digital proliferation has led to the development of high-volume, complex processes that require automation, causing many BPM solutions to evolve into low-code platforms that enable automation with drag-and-drop interfaces. See how you can manage business processes with ActiveBatch.

BPM suites are used to develop, automate, schedule, execute, measure, and optimize business processes. This includes managing files, data entry, employee onboarding processes, integrating business applications, and more. BPM software reduces manual errors, streamlines processes, and increases efficiency so employees can focus on higher-level projects. See how you can manage business processes with ActiveBatch.

Yes. The ActiveBatch automation platform offers integrations with Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and more. ActiveBatch also enables users to load and execute APIs without having to write custom scripts. APIs can be turned into reusable jobs that can then be integrated into end-to-end processes, whether cloud-based on on-premises. Explore ActiveBatch’s integration capabilities.

Yes. The ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal features an intuitive user-interface so non-IT users can execute and monitor business processes that IT would otherwise have to manage. Business users and Help Desk teams can run data queries, onboarding, file transfers, and more, while IT maintains all processes, permissions, and security. Explore the ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal.

ActiveBatch’s back-end database supports Windows/Azure SQL Server and Oracle databases for storing all objects and instances. ActiveBatch can also integrate and automate virtually any database through direct integrations, scripts, or low-code API accessibility. ActiveBatch offers integrations with IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and the Hadoop Ecosystem and its many subsets. Explore ActiveBatch’s integrations and capabilities.

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