Top 10 Influencers in the Automation and Enterprise Tech Space

Read our list of the top 10 Influencers who cover the most important trends and happenings in IT automation and enterprise technology.

Written by Kaitlin Olcott. Last Updated:
IT Automation social media influencers

With so many different sources to gather news, updates, and trends from, finding the information you really want in today’s digitized world ironically seems more difficult than ever. Every day we at Advanced Systems Concepts look through our favorite blogs and social media for new things happening in the world of IT automation. Over time, we’ve built up a list of the top influencers in the industry who consistently provide engaging views and pieces on the most important trends and happenings in workload automation and enterprise tech. 

Today we’d like to share this list of the top 10 Influencers (in alphabetical order) in the automation and enterprise tech industry with readers of the IT Automation Blog.

1. Julie Bort 

Julie Bort IT Automation social media influencer


Editor for Business Insider covering tech. I’m also a mom, a skier and a mountain biker.

2. Adrian Bridgewater

Adrian Bridgewater IT Automation social media influencer


Technology (Software) Journalist – I write for Computer Weekly, Forbes, The Register & Bloor Group Inside Analytics

3. Larry Dignan

Larry Dignan IT Automation social media influencer


Global Editor in Chief, ZDNet, a CBS Interactive property

4. John Gallant

John Gallant IT Automation social media influencer


Chief Content Officer, IDG Media US: Computerworld, CIO, CITEworld, CSO, Greenbot, InfoWorld, ITworld, Javaworld, Macworld, Network World, PCWorld, TechHive.

5. Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner IT automation social media influencer


Gardner is a creative thought leader on enterprise software, cloud, mobile, big data and social strategies. He is a prolific blogger and podcaster.

6. Joan Jackson


TechJourno covering appdev, sysadmin, dataproc & other assorted compsci. Also I might rant a bit here about the arts, sciencesthe and whathaveyou

7. Richi Jennings


A/winning managing #editor for @NetApp_Biz on @Forbes and @CIOonline; indy #analyst#writer at@Computerworld#press #technology #spam#bigdata #cloud #fool

8. Paul Mah


Tech guy who writes for @CIOOnline, CMO Innovation, @DCDFocus & @FierceCIO. Digital nomad with an affinity for enterprise gear, digital stuff, biz IT & gadgets

9. Thor Olavsrud


Senior Writer for CIO.com , IDG Enterprise covering IT Security, Big Data, Open Source and Microsoft Tools and Servers

10. Mike Vizard


Blogger for IT Business Edge, Regular contributor to CIOinsight, Channel Insider, Programmableweb, Slashdot

We hope you find this list useful and the articles and views shared by these influencers thought-provoking. Given the nature of a top 10 list, there’s bound to be people we’ve forgotten so please comment below if you have any other influencers you recommend following! 

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