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Break down silos in IT with cultural shifts and new tools such as extensible workload automation

How to identify and break down IT silos

The AS2 protocol provides secure file transfers with end-to-end encryption and MDN receipts

What Is AS2 And SFTP? Benefits And Use Cases Of EDI Protocols

Managed file transfer software or MFT enables users to handle multiple file transfer protocols and to improve security and efficiency

What Is MFT? Why Managed File Transfer Still Reigns In IT

IT teams must tie their automation initiatives to key business goals in order to ensure that IT automation plays a critical role in preparing the organization for change.

How To Tie Your IT Automation To Business Goals

Autonomous IT operations enables IT teams to stay ahead of business demands while providing more reliability and faster data.

Toward Autonomous IT Operations: An Overview

Enterprise organizations will continue adapt and recover during 2022.

IT Automation Holds Key To Post-Pandemic Business Recovery

IT automation best practices that will increase ROI and set up IT for automation success.

Ensure Your IT Automation Succeeds With These Best Practices

Top integration strategies and best practices focus on democratization, reusability, and governance across hybrid and multicloud environments.

Gartner’s Top Integration Strategies For IT Teams

Self-healing IT operations environments use automation and analytics to predict, detect, prevent, and remediate issues.

Self-Healing IT Operations: What To Know To Get Started

Gain control of your automated environments with tools and strategies that help centralize control.

Simplify IT Operations By Bringing Automation Under One Roof

API Automation Testing Is Key To Flexible, Reliable IT Automation

Reduce IT Complexity

Reduce IT Complexity by Centralizing Your IT Automation

Process orchestration tools are allowing IT to rapidly integrate new tools and design automated end-to-end processes.

Process Orchestration Is Taking Automation To The Next Level

Self-service automation helps IT improve service levels while reducing the volume of service tickets.

Self-Service Automation – A Boon for Business and IT

Market-leading job schedulers simplify cross-platform automation and process orchestration

Best Job Schedulers For IT in 2024

Distributed job schedulers enable IT to manage data and dependencies across technology silos

Distributed Job Schedulers: An Overview To Building Your Own

Job orchestration tools enable IT to assemble end-to-end processes that manage data and dependencies across the enterprise.

Job Orchestration Tools: Here’s What You Need to Know

IT infrastructure and operations teams must rapidly adapt to meet evolving business needs.

IT Infrastructure and Operations Management – Key Trends

IT operations automation reduces the manual tasks IT is responsible for, driving efficiency and allowing IT professionals to focus on higher-value projects that require creativity and long-term planning.

IT operations automation — An overview of how to transform your IT operations

I&O is being transformed by new technologies including hyperautomation, artificial intelligence, intelligent monitoring, and process orchestration.

Transforming I&O to Keep IT Ahead of Digital Business

Process automation tools include a wide range of tools and technologies, part of a trend towards process orchestration.

Finding the right process automation tool for IT

Service orchestration refers to end-to-end processes that streamline data to internal or external customers.

Service orchestration is reshaping IT – Here’s what to know

Scalable automation solutions enable IT to quickly adapt to new demands

Need Scalable Automation? These Capabilities Are Your Key.

IT incident management and enterprise automation

Optimizing IT Incident Management with Enterprise Automation