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Resource Optimization

Automatically provision and deprovision resources to minimize idle system waste and improve overall job performance.

Smart Queue

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We’ll run over a quarter of a million jobs a day on ActiveBatch, so to say that it’s a mission critical application in running our IT organization is an understatement. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without ActiveBatch.”

-- Jimmy Jobe, V.P. of Operations, Ignite Technologies

According to research by Gartner, nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017. Most organizations are embracing cloud computing as a way to reduce IT costs. However, despite the benefits of virtual and cloud computing, managing and monitoring these resources poses a significant challenge to organizations.

With workload automation for virtual/cloud computing, you can better handle the usage peaks and valleys by optimizing resource utilization across the organization. 

Workload Balancing for Improved Job Execution
Workload Automation Radar Report. ActiveBatch supports workload balancing by providing a Generic Queue for workload execution. ActiveBatch’s Generic Queue acts as a virtual queue, consisting of one of more queues for which any job can be assigned to and run on.

As a result, jobs can run on more than one machine, so in the event a system goes down, the surviving machines can pick up the load to ensure jobs are successfully dispatched. ActiveBatch also supports a workload balancing algorithm, sending jobs to other more available systems in the Generic Queue in the event a server has high memory or CPU utilization, thereby increasing the probability of job success. 

ActiveBatch offers industry-leading optimization capabilities and was named the "Best Dynamic Workload Placement" solution by analyst firm EMA in their most recent Workload Automation Radar Report.

Just-In-Time Provisioning with ActiveBatch's Smart Queue
ActiveBatch’s Smart Queue and Managed Queue are pushing the boundaries of traditional workload automation by providing a way for organizations to provision and de-provision resources across virtual and cloud systems.

Smart Queue uses historic and predictive workload analysis to automatically spin up machines when more computing power is needed and spin down machines during idle times. This kind of intelligent automation means organizations can better accommodate unexpected demands and optimize system resources.

Improve Insight into System Utilization with Machine Load View
ActiveBatch’s Machine Load View provides Operations with a better understanding and accounting of how systems and resources are being utilized. Resource utilizations displayed include: CPU, Memory, Disk Response Times, Network, and ActiveBatch jobs.

As a result, users can better identify heavily used, lightly used, and available systems, and take action to improve performance.

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