Smart Queue 

Dynamically manage virtual and cloud resources with ActiveBatch's just-in-time provisioning capabilities.

Smart Queue

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Optimize Virtual and Cloud Resources with Moment-by-Moment Provisioning
ActiveBatch helps organizations optimize their hybrid computing environments with just-in-time provisioning by Smart Queue. ActiveBatch's Smart Queue automatically provisions and deprovisions virtual and cloud resources on a moment-by-moment basis so organizations can improve SLAs and workload execution, while reducing costs from idle resources.

Smart Queue uses both reactive and predictive algorithms; reactive in order to accommodate unexpected loads or failures, and predictive to prepare for anticipated workload surges and peaks—even those occurring on short notice. This kind of intelligent automation means organizations can better accommodate unexpected demands and optimize system resources.

Key Benefits:

  • Provision servers based on past usage and forecasted workloads
  • Optimize IT spending through efficient resource management
  • Reduce the need for manual intervention
  • Configure resources on-the-fly to meet SLA’s

With Smart Queue, users can set broad infrastructure parameters, which then automatically create and utilize resources as needed based upon those parameters. New machine instances are provisioned based on either scheduling analytics to ensure the correct amount and combination of resources is available before workflow execution, or on-demand as workflows are executing to meet an increase in workloads.

ActiveBatch supports automated provisioning for a variety of virtual/cloud systems, including:


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