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Integrated Jobs Library

Endless Drag-and-Drop Integrations

ActiveBatch is a no-code workflow automation tool that provides hundreds of prebuilt, platform-neutral connectors plus low-code API accessibility, enabling IT to build dynamic, end-to-end workflows that reduce manual tasks and accelerate digital transformation.

  • Business automation: Microsoft apps suite, HR platforms, enterprise resource planning (ERP), business process management (BPM), and BI tools  

  • Cloud automation: on-premises plus virtual and cloud-based (VMware, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure) for hybrid-IT and multi-cloud orchestration

  • Automated incident management: bi-directional integrations for industry leaders like ServiceNow and SCSM for faster ticket resolution

  • Secure managed file transfers: supporting SFTP, FTPS, and web tunneling, with advanced file event triggers and parallel transfer capabilities

Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

Execute Automated Processes On Time, Every Time

Minimize manual interventions with an array of event triggers for business and IT tasks, including email, file events, FTP file triggers, data modifications, and more. Reduce delays and unnecessary executions with constraint-based scheduling and granular date/time scheduling. With ActiveBatch, IT teams worry less about routine processes and focus more on innovation.


Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Process Automation for Business Users

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal provides workflow automation and process execution capabilities so business users can complete work faster. Enable non-IT users to run and monitor critical processes for faster data and reports. This means that business does not have to wait on IT when a process stalls, or when information needs to be processed for case management tasks.

Smart Queue and Heuristic Queue Allocation

Intelligent Automation for Every Environment

ActiveBatch provides out-of-the-box integrations with cloud vendors including Amazon, Microsoft, and VMware. Streamline the management of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Users can leverage powerful tools such as ActiveBatch Smart Queue or ActiveBatch's Heuristic Queue Allocation, using artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIops) to intelligently pair workloads to the best machine resources.


Digital Transformation Has Never Been So Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital process automation (DPA) is used by IT teams to automate manual tasks, reducing errors in routine processes. DPA differs from BPM software because DPA tools provide functionality for the entire process life cycle, enabling IT to develop, monitor, manage, and orchestrate end-to-end processes from a single centralized console. The goal of DPA is to streamline and optimize the delivery of real-time data to IT teams, business teams, and external customers, in order to improve the customer experience. Explore ActiveBatch’s process automation capabilities.

IT teams should first meet with business leaders to develop a clear understanding of the organization’s needs, to determine what business applications and systems will need to be integrated with the business process automation platform. IT should then begin automating “low-hanging fruit”, simple processes that are routine and prone to manual errors or delays. All automated processes should be documented. IT should then incorporate automation at the earliest stages of process development. Explore ActiveBatch’s business automation capabilities.

The goal of digital process automation (DPA) is to optimize data paths that serve business users and external customers. An example of a DPA process might start with a customer using an online service to apply for a credit card. The DPA process will include moving the customer’s input data into another platform that combines it with additional data from a CRM tool that allows a customer service representative to quickly process the application. Explore ActiveBatch’s process automation capabilities.

ActiveBatch integrates seamlessly with dozens of industry-leading vendors and platforms, including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Oracle, and SAP. Users can also load and execute APIs (WSDLs and SOAP Web Services, RESTful services, .NET assemblies, stored procedures, and command lines) without custom coding, turning those APIs into reusable jobs that can be seamlessly integrated into end-to-end processes. Explore ActiveBatch’s integrations and capabilities.

The ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal is a business-user friendly web interface designed to simplify the execution and monitoring of business processes that business partners would otherwise ask IT to perform. Business users and Help Desk teams can run data queries, file transfers, onboarding, and more, while IT retains full control over the processes, permissions, and security. Explore the ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal.

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