CyberArk Application Access Manager Integration

Improve security and reduce risk with ActiveBatch's CyberArk integration.

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Extending CyberArk's Benefits to ActiveBatch

IT organizations are increasing their use of Privileged Access Management Solutions such as CyberArk to manage and rotate user credentials and passwords. While this practice protects organizations against cyberattacks and the actions of rogue employees, it can also pose challenges to integrating disparate IT technologies, applications, databases, platforms, and more.

ActiveBatch partners with CyberArk to provide an out-of-the-box integration* with CyberArk’s Application Access Manager (formerly, Application Identity Manager), allowing ActiveBatch workflows to dynamically retrieve credentials from CyberArk at runtime, prior to dispatching Jobs to Agents.

With ActiveBatch’s CyberArk integration, Application Access Manager is integrated within ActiveBatch’s User Account Object. Credential retrievals are then triggered whenever an ActiveBatch Job has an associated CyberArk User Account Object. Application Access Manager is also integrated with the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library, which offers a built-in Job Step that securely retrieves and passes credential information for use in a subsequent step of the workflow.

ActiveBatch's CyberArk Integration The ActiveBatch Integration with CyberArk:

  • Dynamically retrieves credentials from CyberArk at runtime
  • Simplifies credential management because ActiveBatch no longer needs to be aware of changes to passwords and usernames
  • Extends CyberArk’s cybersecurity benefits to the IT Automation environment

*Provided as part of ActiveBatch’s core product, at no additional charge.

Cyberark Solution Brief DATASHEET:

CyberArk Solution Brief for ActiveBatch IT Automation

Learn how ActiveBatch integrates with CyberArk Application Access Manager to provide greater security and flexibility to automated processes.
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