ActiveBatch System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) Integration

Automatically spin up and spin down virtual systems with ActiveBatch's just-in-time resource provisioning capabilities and the ActiveBatch Extension for SCVMM

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Automatically Provision Systems with a Single Point of Control

IT organizations are increasingly relying on virtual machines, both private and public, to reduce costs, maximize resources, and improve operational flexibility and efficiency. As part of this movement, IT managers rely on Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager for rapid provisioning of virtual machines by making it possible to provision and manage machines and servers within a virtual environment.

The ActiveBatch Extension for System Center Virtual Machine Manager allows IT operations staff to create, provision, clone and distribute virtual machines across Hyper-V, VMware, and other virtual machine systems. Within ActiveBatch, a systems administrator can add or delete a host or virtual machine, create snapshots and/or checkpoints, clone virtual machines, and establish maintenance modes for specific machines, resulting in improved resource utilization and reduced administrative costs.

Just-in-Time Provisioning for Improved Workload Processing

In addition, ActiveBatch also supports the automated provisioning of virtual resources via System Center Virtual Machine Manager, thus allowing ActiveBatch to intelligently provision virtual machines on the fly without the need to manually insert System Center Virtual Machine Manager Job Steps within each workflow. ActiveBatch's Smart Queue allows ActiveBatch to automatically provision virtual resources in real-time to ensure that workflows have adequate resources to complete successfully. In addition to this, ActiveBatch Scheduling Analytics combines historical analysis and workload forecasting to ensure adequate reservation of resources for the successful completion of workflows whose completion is tied to a policy-based SLA.ActiveBatch Extension for System Center Virtual Machine Manager

The result: the ability to leverage ActiveBatch as a single interface to manage your virtual environment across multiple platforms, such as VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen, all through a single user interface, allowing IT organizations to make more flexible, dynamic choices in their application deployment and their allocation of resources, including:

  • Higher server utilization

  • Improved service levels

  • Better utilization of resources via the ability to start and stop virtual machines in ActiveBatch when workflows are complete

  • The ability to better meet changing requirements and increased continuity and disaster recovery

  • Reduced cost of operations

The ActiveBatch Extension for System Center Virtual Machine Manager complements the VMware Job Step Extension located in the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library, which gives users the ability to deploy and maintain virtual systems while integrating them with other applications, databases, and platforms inside or outside of the VMware infrastructure.


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