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Just-in-Time Resource Provisioning

Intelligent automation for private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.


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Intelligent Automation Delivers on the Benefits of Cloud Computing
While cloud and virtual resources are delivering improved benefits to the business, there’s a hidden waste and expense to cloud and virtual systems in the form of idle systems that are left running long past their required use and workload bottlenecks from misaligned resources. 

ActiveBatch provides automated virtual and cloud provisioning to help organizations achieve the full benefits of cloud and virtual resources in their IT automation environment, without the unnecessary costs. 

ActiveBatch is an intelligent automation solution with just-in-time resource provisioning that allows organizations to automatically scale up or scale down resources on a moment-by-moment basis. As a result, organizations can optimize their virtual/cloud computing environment and minimize wasteful spending. 


  • Built-in workload balancing across systems to reduce potential bottlenecks and minimize slack time for workload completion. 
  • Automated spin up/spin down provisioning to remove the need for manual intervention
  • System Usage Dashboard to identify available systems and rearrange resources to meet workload needs

Optimize Your Automation Environment with Workload Balancing
ActiveBatch’s Workload Balancing algorithm dispatches the jobs to the best, or least used, machine available based on factors such as CPU and memory. As a result, system resources are utilized according to workload needs and SLA expectations, which in turn reduces the chance of job failure based on lack of system resources and ensures a more successful automation environment.

Smart Queue
Intelligently Automate with Smart Queue and Scheduling Analytics

Smart Queue provides for the automated provisioning and deprovisioning of virtual and cloud-based resources so that IT operations can more easily meet SLAs and other business deadlines. Scheduling Analytics combines historical and predictive analysis to intelligently automate the provisioning of resources and ensure the successful completion of workloads using Smart Queue.

Supported Virtual and Cloud Extensions
Managed QueueActiveBatch has built-in extensions for VMWare, AmazonEC2, Microsoft Azure, and Hyper-V via the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). In addition to this, the Integrated Jobs Library provides hundreds of pre-built Job Steps for physical, virtual, and cloud-based resources, giving users the ability to construct workflows that include the provisioning and de-provisioning of these systems, system management, and configuration.

Machine Load View
Improve System Usage with Visual Insight from Machine Load View

Users can better identify system usage and available systems with ActiveBatch’s Machine Load View. Machine Load provides IT Operations with a better understanding and accounting of how their systems and resources are being utilized by both ActiveBatch and non-ActiveBatch processes with a visual heat map containing refined performance counter graphs to identify heavily used, lightly used, and available systems.

These dynamic resource optimization capabilities allow IT Operations to manage physical, virtual, and cloud resources more fluently, while optimizing infrastructure usage and reducing virtual machine waste.