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Centralized Job Scheduling

Consolidate silos of automation with ActiveBatch's single pane of glass. 

Create and update end-to-end workflows with the Integrated Job Library's drag & drop workflow editor.

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"ActiveBatch provides us with that 360-degree view of our scheduling and simplifies the management and monitoring of all the individual processes that comprise it." 

-- Stephen Marchetti, Integration Architect, AMEC Engineers

ActiveBatch: Your Single Point of Control 

ActiveBatch ArchitectureDriven by marketplace demands, regulatory requirements, and rapidly changing IT environments, IT organizations are automating increasingly complex business and IT operational processes that span distributed environments comprised of various applications, databases, technologies, and process types. As a result, organizations need to automate workflows in order to quickly and reliably pass data and manage dependencies between systems and technologies.

Many organizations have implemented multiple scheduling and automation tools to combat this. According to Gartner, most organizations have between 3 and 8 different job scheduling and automation tools. The problem with this approach is multiple tools end up costing more in licensing, support, and take away increasing amounts of people resources.

ActiveBatch provides organizations with a single point of control for all of their automation needs. ActiveBatch is a modern workload automation solution that consolidates silos of automation within a single framework, giving businesses the IT agility they need in today’s technology driven world.

ActiveBatch’s unique capabilities are designed to accommodate changing business and IT needs, giving users the ability to create and maintain end-to-end workflows via a simple but powerful, graphical drag-and-drop interface

End-to-End Accessibility 
ActiveBatch pioneered the script-less approach to automation with the innovative Integrated Jobs Library. The Integrated Jobs Library provides users with hundreds of pre-built Job Steps for common business and IT functions and technologies. As a result, organizations can easily build end-to-end workflows between disparate technologies and applications.

In addition to this, the ActiveBatch Service Library extends the power of the Integrated Jobs Library with API accessibility that allows users to load and execute WSDLs and SOAP Web Services and turn them into reusable Job Steps within the Integrated Jobs Library. In addition to Web Services, the ActiveBatch Service Library supports RESTful Services, Stored Procedures, .Net Assemblies, and command lines so developers can incorporate the exposed methods as “new” Job Steps that can be used within any workflow.

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