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The Dashboard provides a dynamic visualization of the health and performance of the ActiveBatch system.

Operational and historical counters within the ActiveBatch Dashboard provide dynamic visualizations of the performance of the ActiveBatch system

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Dashboard-Operational and Historical Counters
Highly Customizable, Visual Interface for Improved Insight
ActiveBatch’s Dashboard is a stand-alone program that provides a simple, visual interface for the enterprise IT automation environment. The Dashboard provides a highly customizable, visual interface showing ActiveBatch performance, Job Scheduler health, and workload analytics. The Dashboard’s dynamic visualization helps users better understand the health and performance of their automation footprint.

Dashboard - Collection Specifications

Monitor Real-time and Historical Progress
Using the Dashboard, Developers and Operations can quickly and efficiently monitor both the real-time and historical progress of their business and IT operational workflows through the use of visual aids that map key performance metrics. ActiveBatch supports the creation and use of multiple views, allowing users to toggle between and compare different types of information that might suit one role or department versus another. 

Dashboard- Job Scheduler Health StatusSupport for a Variety of Graphing Elements and Reporting Tools
ActiveBatch's Dashboard includes four graphing elements: Line Graph, Bar Graph, Pie Chart, and a special Job Scheduler Health graph element. Operational and historical counters can be set to identify and visually present data on executing jobs, waiting jobs, total active jobs, success rates, failure rates, SLA jobs, and more. Additionally, the Dashboard supports a variety of reporting tools, such as placing alerts on counters, providing users with a notification when a given counter has reached a certain alert level. 


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