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Forecast View

Predict what's coming next and easily determine potential impacts to future workflows with ActiveBatch's Forecast View.

Forecast provides insight for Operations about how related batches affect a workflow.

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Forecast ViewAddress Potential Issues Before They Impact Workflow Execution
Forecast helps users anticipate future workflow execution and constraints in their IT automation environment. Using Forecast View’s visual Gantt chart, Operations can quickly determine any impact to a downstream workflow or related set of workflows so users have the ability to address issues before they impact workflow execution. Users can easily predict and identify which jobs or plans may run over or under-time, and make the necessary changes to the workflow or system resources before the workflow executes. 

Forecast View - Workflows
Seamlessly Reallocate System Resources to Ensure Job Success
For example, Operations can see when the latest start of a workflow may occur before it will impact other workloads or Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

This predictive insight, coupled with built-in SLA analysis, helps Operations prioritize workflows and cast their gaze further into the future to potential issues, giving Operations time to change the workflow or reallocate resources to ensure job success. 


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